2 channel setup


I am in the process of planning out my first 2-channel setup.  I already purchased a used Rogue Audio Metis preamp and will need a power amp, turntable, and I am contemplating a music streamer.  I am pretty sure that I am going to go with Paradigm Prestige 85f speakers.  

Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated.  I would like to come in under 10k so I am looking for some good deals if you know of any!  

I haven't heard the Paradigm speakers, but they look easy to drive.
Hopefully, you have auditioned them and find them to your taste. Otherwise, I would go and listen to as many other speakers as you can, as this will dictate what you need to buy.
That being said, if you go with the Paradigm, I would say get a used McCormack amp. The best part is you can have Steve McCormack update it should wish at SMcAudio. It is a solid amp that plays with just about anything, at a very reasonable cost, especially used.
I can't say much about turntables, as I have gone Digital, which is something you should consider, as well, as it opens a door you never knew was there. IMHO.

Don’t forget to budget for cabling. You can easily spend half your $10k on interconnects and speaker cables.
Dustin_collman, that’s a great point.  I’ve been considering exchanging the preamp that I purchased and putting that towards an integrated amp to cutdown on the cost of the interconnects.  
IMO, I would not even consider thinking too much about cabling yet. Just get decent copper cables all throughout to start with. The most important thing to consider at your stage is deciding which speakers you like, then getting a proper/capable amp for them, and setting them up correctly. Then some basic room treatments.
Then begin evaluating your system - do you still like your speakers? Still like your preamp and amp?
Trying to evaluate different cables prior to this point is pointless. Once all of the above is met, then go buy a ticket for the cable merry-go-round and have fun.
I echo the importance of listening to a lot of speakers. A lot. If you haven’t seriously listened a dozen in your price range, you aren’t shopping well. Likewise, listen to a set of speakers out of your price range on either side to know what your money buys you and also what you are missing.

Also, your speakers dictate the wattage of your amplifier, so buy accordingly.