2 Channel SACD? System - thoughts/suggestions?

I have finally given up trying to make a home theater double as a 2 channel system.

Here is what I am putting together and wondered if you have suggestions or recommendations of change.

Speakers, staying, regardless:

Energy Veritas 2.8


Aronov LS-930i or 960i



I have just purchased the Aronov and Sony, both shipping.
A chance, but hope the results are good for my first dedicated 2 channel system.

Thoughts, recommendations, or suggestions, all welcome.

Having spent a fair amount of time with the 9000es I would say its fair at best on Redbook, on SACD its better but it still doesn't show how good the format can sound. You may want to consider sending it out to be modified by a proffessional to get the most out of it. I payed near retail for mine, folks are getting great deals on 9000es's now! Put a little more work in it and you may just have a very enjoyable CD player- with out breaking the bank.