2 channel priority in HT Processor...who's is best

Thank you for input, guidance and help.

I have:

Sunfire TG IV processor

Pass Labs X-1 Preamp

2 channel system is PS Audio Classic 250 amp into ML Prodigy via the Pass preamp

HT is two Sunfire 400 x 5 amps into 3 pair Script I and one pair Clarity.

Sources are primarily Logitech Transport, Oppo 95, Video signal from cable company via HDMI.

I like to utilize the Prodigy in the HT system, and also incorporate the HT system into multi-channel listening sessions (via OPPO 95), music is PRIORITY...movies secondary.

I have no HDMI switching capabilities, but use a 61" Mits DLP tv and for movies and NFL i have a Mits HC 4900 projector to Firehawk.

I would like to get a pre-processor that can replace BOTH the Pass and the Sunfire and allow me to have a single point of control over the whole system. Other components i would like to replace would be the PS Audio DAC III i use off the Logitech Transport. It seems that The Classe (800) seems to allow different configurations to be stored, which would be wonderful, but after spending a good deal of the last 48 hours reading the forums, it seems that the INTEGRA 80.3 may be a good (and $6000) less costly alternate.

Do you know of any pre-processor that can deliver 2 channel as good as the Pass X-1, with HDMI pass or switching (two outputs required).

Classical reference is symphony we go to 8-10 times per year, some jazz, some rock, no rap. Just about anything well recorded.

Thank you so very much!


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You'd be smart to consider a Theta Casablanca II or III.