2 Channel Preamp Needed, here is what I have......

I have finally figured out, splitting 2 channel from HT is THE only way to go.

I am going to be using a pair of Energy Veritas 2.8s with a VAC 30/30 amp.

I will be using a California Audio Labs CL-2500 as the transport.

I need a preamp. Suggestions or ideas? Tube or solid state? Here is the kicker. I would like to stay at about $500 as I am JUST starting this set out and need to learn and save.

I love the 2.8s, and JUST got the amp, so I am anxious to check it all out.

Thanks for the input.....

My suggestion is the Odyssey Audio Etesian ($375 at Odysseyaudio.com. Its a SS preamp with HT bypass. You have to call Mr. Klaus Bunge at 317 299 5578 for availability.

I am NOT associated with Odyssey Audio. I am just a happy owner of thr Stratos Mono amps.

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There is an Adcom 750 pre in the adds for just a few bucks more.
AES AE-3 preamp.Tubed preamp, made and designed by Dennis Had owner of Cary.The best part, is you can buy a used one from $300-400 here on Audiogon. Great way to get started into the world of tubes.