2 Channel In Ceiling System

Renovating a new home and putting a two channel system into the den. May even expand it to a 3.1 to include the TV into the equation. Main focus will be music. in wall sub will be in the mix as well.

Looking for an in ceiling system. Done a little research, but most has been specific to home theater.

Any recommendations for a good sounding in ceiling based system?

See that B&W has newer CCM 7.3/.4/.5 units that might fit the bill. Also read up a little on "goldenear" units? And the finally the Martin Logan lines.

Book shelf speakers are not an option. I just want a really nice sounding in ceiling unit that is going to give me the closest sound to a good book shelf unit.

Thoughts from the forum appreciated.
why do you think something aimed at the top of your head can sound like real music?
Nothing will sound right coming from above your head. If you get some on ceiling or speakers that can be aimed it may work. Thiel Powerpoints come to mind here. They are not hidden but sound good and actually point at the listener. Others such as KEF have made drop down speakers and Logans have directional tweeters along with the B&W CCM. I've heard all and would say that you really won't be happy with a speaker that points straight down.
Final note-you really should look at a sealed speaker. Factoring in your ceiling as a baffle will be a mess. Some of these have really nice aluminum enclosures. A bit heavy and harder to install but well worth it.
Maybe he's laying on a bed or sitting in a recliner. Ceiling speakers would make perfect sense.
I have to agree with the first two comments. In ceiling is not really fundamentally compatible with the physics of really good sounding stereo systems as most of us have come to understand what a good stereo is. Why do you want the speakers pointed at the top of your head? You didn't explain that.
If you had said in wall facing you then perhaps some may know of truly high quality speakers that still function given that geometry. If you are willing to tolerate front wall or shelf units you have many very good choices. There are many many, but if you want B and Ws, the 805s are perennial favorites. I myself might try to make built in Joseph Audio units work, with an in wall JL sub woofer. If it were my 2nd or ....? system. Is this your main 2 channel system?
Keep reading these forums the bug will bite LOL.
Thanks for the feedback and different points of view. Re: directional in ceiling speakers that point towards the listener, has anyone had any experience with these units?


Alternatively, feedback appreciated on the design. As I mentioned in my original post, book shelf or floor standing speakers are not an option in this den. And as far as in wall units, We do not have the wall space for "in wall" solutions
Thiel "PowerPoint 1.2" is and on ceiling (not in) that angles down. Looks nice and said to sound nice but thiel has really gone down hill after Jim thiel died and the company was sold. Not sure they are still being made.