2-channel HT - which way would you go???

If you were to create a modest 2-channel HT set-up, which two components would you choose:

Rotel RDV-1040 DVD
Rotel RA-1062 integrated

Cambridge Audio 540D DVD
Cambridge Audio 640A integrated

NAD C372 integrated

Any other contenders???

Potentially paired with Totem speakers and a Samsung 42" DLP.
Rotel- and while your at it pick up a used 1066 pre/pro for about 800.00. The 1066 is one of the best audio bargains out there in my humble opinion.
I like the Rotel better than NAD, but for 2 channel I dont know what to say....the reason I like the Rotel is for its more flexible bass management and various features for surround adjustment...why bother with just 2 channels?