2 channel home theatre....sub

i just bought a very nice sub, anyway it looks nice, for what i thought was going to be a 2.1 home theatre jubilee...
Mc 402 amp
mark levinson 320s pre
modded denon 2910 dvd
piega c10 ltds- 2 channel front

i'm claiming ignorance for this one, but can't a guy run the sub out from the dvd player...do i have to buy a processor just so i can have a sub? i don't want to run line level through the main speakers- they're doin fine... i just wanted the sub for the theatre.

i'm a little disgruntled and sure would like some advice.... thanks, brent
it's the piega mk11 sub and i believe i solved the problem?
Good because you cannot run the sub from the player directly since that would not pass it through the main volume control.

In my 2.1 system, I just run my sub from the second set of pre-outs on my pre. I'm assuming your Levinson pre has a second set as well.
thanks for the help
the levinson does not have the second set of pre-outs and am looking into purchasing the mcintosh mc2200 for that purchase...right now the sub is being run through the dvd player and is satisfactory for my movie nights.