2 channel home theatre

can anyone direct me to a forum on setting up a good 2.1 channel home theatre?
another ? i have is what processor should i get for under $1500 (if that's possible)

do i need to buy two other speakers for the HT or are the ones i've got good enough....

i used to have a B & K amp/pre with big klipsch and that system was crazy for the HT and the system i'm using now just doesnt have that same punch and it's probably due to me using my mcintosh pre as my processor...does any of this make sense?

this is my system:

If your system sounds good to you for 2 channel music listening then it should be fine for HT as well. The only real gain, in my opinion, would be the addition of subwoofer for the .1 effects channel that never seems to be quite right without a dedicated subwoofer especially from a blu-ray disk. As for a home theater processer, I can't see how spending a ton of money would really make a significant difference. The Audyssey stuff wouldn't be nearly as important with a 2.1 setup as it is with five or more channels, again my opinion.
Something similar to the Integra DHC-40.2 ($1,200 retail) should be more than adequate for a 2.1 setup.

Another interesting solution might be the Denon S-5BD (retail $1,800) that is a receiver/blu-ray player that you might be able to "cheat" a bit and use the front high pre-outs to to run into your existing amplifier and let Audyssey correct it to be the only speakers, other than the subwoofer, connected. It might be possible to essentially use the pre-outs as a HT bypass, but I'd confirm with Denon before making a purchase. The price is a little above your stated price range, but it was be two components if you don't already have a blu-ray player.
A .1 is a must. Many great subs out there and it will add a great pick up in the sound of your speakers.
thanks for the advice guys...i reason i ask the above ?'s is i'm a big movie guy and my system is geared mainly to 2 channel listening...take a look at my system...i have a piega sub that's about to go in the shop...thought maybe i'd persue a processor, maybe two other speakers designated for the HT...you get my drift...thanks again
also, not sure my preamp makes for a good processor...currently the movie sound is not quite as "theatrifcal" as my b & k processor and klipsch set up was...not sure if it's the pre or speakers or both...just asking
My home theater setup is an Integra 50.1 reciever with the Focal 836v mains, Martin Logan Dynamo 700 subwoofer and a pair of Infinity TSS-800 surrounds. The rear channel speakers are pathetic compared to my Focals and I don't use a center channel (I sold my Bose to a co-worker because it degraded the sound compared to the Focals) and my home theater sounds really good. I think anyone that's not an audio snob would approve. Don't spend big money on rear channel speakers, it doesn't take audiophile speakers for surround sound unless you want to get into multi channel SACD audio type of stuff.

I'm sure my Focals could sound a little better using a dedicated 2 channel amplifier, but life's a compromise. My room acoustics are very different from the store that I purchased them from and I actually like the sound at my house better overall compared to what I heard at the store hooked to equipment worth many times (i.e. speaker wires worth several times my entire system) what I have. There were certainly some sonic improvements in the store, but overall the room makes more of a difference for me.

p.s. I don't think there are speakers designed for HT beyond being small. Speakers are speakers.
I would start off with a subwoofer,or two if needed,first.You
need them for home theater anyhow.That may give you more of an
idea of what the rest of the system is capable of also.
thanks for your thoughts everyone...i've good idea of the direction i'm going to go...the most joy i ever had was when i was running klipsch with 5 channel amp and processor...the center channel i remember had two 8" woofer and was so bad ass...i'm looking at getting 2 towers for the fronts with 6" woofers and a center with the same....i'll already have a great sub, so i'm good there...i'll run 3.1 with a receiver as the processor and amp...it will be very righteous...
i ended up buying the klipsch reference series 62 towers for the front and the rc 62 center channel...i bought the onkyo 807 which seems pretty good...this is going to be just fine for a HT and for when i want to rock...i have my two channel setup as well for just listening