2-channel Hi Rez playback cheap and good?

After trying and failing to get a universal player which played every format well (they don't, almost always it is redbook that suffers), I gave up and bought a Marantz SA7s1. That covers redbook and SACD very well. Now I need to get a player that will do Blu-ray, DVD-A and HDCD (again, 2 channel audio the only focus). Reading all of the things about universal players I am realizing that the tech (and thus pricing) issues are impacted, in design, by a whole bunch of stuff of marginal- to-no interest to audiophiles--Netflix streaming, 5.1 and 7.1 surround, HDMI connections, etc etc. The greater bulk of the extra features are for home theater application, as opposed to two channel audio. So money is being spent in design that sends the price upward in the product and results in no tangible benefit to the two channel user. So even if one was inclined to go after the (newer) big ticket units hoping for a miracle you'd likely still be disappointed by redbook performance.

I was briefly heartened by reading about the most recent Cambridge universal (751?) but then I read a review comment which alluded to "too much bass" at times (or words to that effect). Yikes--I'd run into that problem with another unit previously.

Back to square one. I'm beginning to think that finding a basic Blu-ray, HDCD, DVD-A, SACD player, regardless of how mediocre the redbook performance, is the way to go--I mean, I've got good redbook (and SACD) covered via my Marantz 7s1. I wonder if there's an older and cheaper model of something, before all of this other nonsense started being added, that could be had for cheap on Audiogon? Like an earlier Oppo or something? I mean, if redbook is going to be the only stumbling block and you don't need all of the HT bells and whistles...? At that point even spending a grand or so on an Oppo 95 seems excessive...

Thoughts anyone?
Oppo's players are well regarded.

You could always buy a good hi-rez player and add an external DAC for Red Book.