2 channel & h/t question?

I am shopping for a plasma to replace my old sony 32" and am also interested in making an upgrade to a more audiophile sound system to complete the new home theater transformation.
I have narrowed the plasma to one of the new panasonic models...I think they look fantastic!
I also have a very nice 2 channel stereo system in the same room consisting of the following (Odyssey Stratos & Tempest with a Cary cd 303/200 & a vintage Sansui tu 717 along with a pair of lorelei's).

My question is this....can I integrate my two channel set-up into the new home theater package by purchasing surrounds/center/sub & a diff. receiver or second amp/processor? Or would I be better off leaving my two channel alone and building a h/t set-up along side?

If the opinion is to integrate my current system into the h/t...how do I do this?

I would appreciate any help you guys can lend me on this one because I'm lost!!!

While only you can decide if a dual use or truely dedicated system is right for you, you do have options. Leave your system as is and add either a reciever WITH pre-outs for mains that would run into empty input n your current pre (then you just need to have a reference volume for proper levels, add a seperate Processor to the mix (the reciever will be cheapest as its got its own amps for the less critical surounds and center......but center is important) or throw a seperate HT rig into the mix, this way would mean more front speakers and clutter.
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I love the 2 channel/HT setup together. One of the newer, and not too expensive recievers that will power the center, and rears while decoding surround formats and switch video inputs is just too convenient, and the sound is generally excellent (Denon, Marantz, Sony, Onkyo). Then use a 2 channel preamp with home theater passthrough. You get the best of both. Love my current set up.
Dont worry about apss through if you dont have it or cant afford it, that can be worked around by a reference volume level as noted above. I just dont want you to get wrapped up in HT bypass as I went that way for years before I had the feature.