2 channel cd player xlr $2000-&3000 used or....

I have a denon 3930ci--aq cheetah--pass x2.5--ps xstream statement--pass x 150--kimber bifocal xl--3a sigs&v2w. I will keep the denon as a universal player.Would a tube player deepen the sound stage? Shangling 3000 mod, cary? How about ayer cx-7e, ar3,................................ thanks for your imput.
Raysonic CD128 or CD168....I am a dealer for Pass and Raysonic and the combo is fantastic.
i am very impressed with my esoteric sa-10. before i purchased it i was using a sonic frontier processor 3 and a ps audio lambda transport. the sa-10 blows it away it is a much better product.
Fatcataudio thanks for the response. I'm lookimg to audition both. Is the 128 a fully balanced unit?Money not being an object which is your preferance? Why? Thanks
Wwshull thanks.I'm wondering if the dv 50 & the sa 10 are similar in 2 ch? There are dv 50's for sale used no sa 10 yet.
Hi Samhar,

Fully balanced.....hmmm, I think so but not 100% sure. I do know the 168 is fully balanced. Both sound excellent but I like the 168 better as it has better dynamics, slightly more transparent and has volume control. It is a better player by about 15-20%.
hello, the chase is on . I'm tring to find a dealer in or about Los Angeles.
the sa-10 has all of the new technology, but the dv-50 is a good product. i would go with the sa-10 just for the fact they are using the new technology. the bass is awsome the sound stage is unvelevable.
Wwshull i'm looking for a dealer to audition an sa 10, thanks
Thanks for your input. I deceided to try a tube player and bought the Raysonic 168.Out of the box the sound stage was enlarged and the brighness of my Denon 3930ci was gone.Koko Taylor wasn't shrill,Jack Johnson's voice had body and Victoria Drake's harp had a resonance that filled the room leaving no doubt the sound box was wood!Slack key guitar had the attack and decay necessary for the goosebump factor of acoustic strings! Thanks Eric this is exactly what I wanted the sound is more analogue. I'm going to turn on the LED,s and listen! Sam out.
Added an ARC CD3 MKll to the system, this is a very good CDP IMO. I'm surprised by how warm the sound is, tube like (I think it's warmer overall than the Ray 168!). The extension, clarity and power in the bass were ear openers, I hadn't realized how much information I was missing in this area and how well the 3A Sigs & 2Wq's did when that info got to them! The hi's and mid's were also very impressive along with the PRAT. It never stumbled with complex pieces, unraveling passages with a smooth grace that is a pleasure to experience!!! To say I'm please with the CD3 MKll is an understatement!!!
The Ayre CX-7e is fantastic...but I haven't listened critically to that many CDP's in this pricerange - just Simaudio, Naim and Ayre. IMHO, the Ayre is extremely well-balanced which makes it enjoyable to listen to with all genres of music and all qualities of production.

Based on my auditions of their gear, Ayre's calling card seems to be a wide-open airy sound with an articulate and tonally accurate bottom-end.
Try a Cambridge 840c. The Shangling I was warned against purchasing from they guy who does warranty repairs on them. Tube CD players to me dont realy help soundstage if you want tubes go tube amp.
At the risk of sounding like a broken record (er, sorry): Bryston BCD-1. XLR outs, right in your price range, superlative sound...
HEY PEOPLE I BOUGHT AN ARC CD3 MK ll !!!!! Thanks for your input. I did listen to Ayre and Cambridge, but decided to go ARC because I was planning on buying an ARC VS 115 amp, which I have just purchased, and am breaking it in as we "speak"!! Once again thanks for your input,