2 channel audio w/video question?

I am pretty close to being done with my 2-channel audio and want to add the video to it. I'm not going add all the surround speakers and subs, sticking strictly with 2 channels. My dilemma is that sometimes you just want to watch TV or a movie without the added audio portion. Do I have to have a receiver or processor to do this or can I simply run the DVD player and VCR into the preamp? If I run the video sources into the preamp will they still work with the audio system left off? I would also like to use my Outboard DAC with the DVD player, but again running this configuration, will it only work with the DAC on or will the signal pass through with the DAC off. I am using a SF Line 1 preamp, Kora Hermes, Toshiba SD9200 DVD and Go Video VCR (her older movies). I hope this makes sense and any help would be greatly appreciated.


Yes, you can do this. Simply run the output of the DAC (CD and DVD sound source) into the pre-amp and also run the RCA stereo outputs from the VCR to the preamp. Of course both video outputs go to the TV. Then, run the analog RCA outputs from the DVD player into the TVs audio inputs. For VCR audio through the TV, use the composite (coax) cable from the VRC to the TV.

So, these connections will allow you to do HT audio through the 2-channel system and also, just watch DVDs and VHS through the TV without all the fuss....


Reubent's advice is correct and will get you what you're asking for, but this type of setup will require changing the inputs on the TV every time you want to toggle between the two configurations (logically switch, not physically). To be honest, once you get this set up and see how much better even simple TV is through a decent set of speakers, I can't imagine not being willing to go through the "hassle" of turning on the system instead of just turning on most of the system. My advice is wire it the most straight-forward way possible, get yourself a decent universal remote, and always watch with the system turned on. -Kirk
Thanks for the responses. So am I correct in assuming that at least the preamp must always be on for the signal to pass through or did I miss the boat here.
I believe your Sonic Frontiers has by-pass loop. I'd suggest you read the manual. Besides the Sonic Fontiers has a pretty decent remote. Why not use it?