2 Channel Audio Stores in Tampa/St Pete, FL

Traveling to Tampa this weekend. Does anyone know of any audio stores in the area? Thank you.
Beware of Audio Visions South in Tampa.
Sweet Home Audio,Brian Rovinsky in Clearwater ,been a while since ive been there.
I agree with both of the above posts....Sweet Home in Clearwater gets a "thumbs-up" and Audio Visions in Tampa was not a positive experience on several occasions.
I agree that Sweet Home Audio is a nice place to shop. Brian is a good guy and very knowledgeable. Not a snob like you know who.
Everyone should try a new showroom in the Downtown Tampa area.

Intelligent Environments
520 North Willow Avenue
Tampa, Florida 33606
Another vote for Brian @ Sweet Home Audio.
Keep us posted during/after your trip.