2 Channel Amp with AV Receiver

I currently have an NAD T751 AV Receiver driving my R,L (Monitor Audio Silver SW8),S (Velodyne),C (B&W),SR and SL (Jamo Artina) speakers. I'm thinking on buying a B&K 2-channel amp (ST 125.2) to drive my main speakers. Will this addition add fidelity to the stereo sound or will only increase the overall power?
I have an NAD T760 receiver and when I added an outboard 5-channel amp (Sherbourn 5/1500A) I experienced a dramatic improvement in both stereo and 5.1 sound. The key is to select an amp that suits your particular taste.

Don't discount 5-channel amps, either. Many very reputable companies offer them, including McCormack, Krell, EAD, and Bryston.

I know it sounds a little ridiculous right now, but you might actually be better served by breaking up your system into a home theater and a 2-channel system. Then you can leave the NAD receiver on the home theater end and perhaps get a good integrated amp for the 2-channel. I originally dismissed the idea as absurd, and it's by far the biggest improvement I've experienced in my system yet.

I hope this helps to shed light on your situation!


I was in your situation (different gear), and found that adding a Bryston 4BST while using my mid-fi receiver as preamp was only a modest improvement (music had greater sense of ease, extension). Lived with that for a number of months until I saved the cash for a separate preamp, and that's when I heard the big improvement. My receiver was probably worse than your NAD, but in my case it definitely continued to limit the sound until I went with separates. Good luck.
i would say it only increase the 2 ch L and R. you will need at least 3 channel for ht purposes L< C< R that will equal the sound repro. 2 ch amp will make the ht unbalance since your 761 only has 75 or something each channel, (pure) compare to separate amps.