2 Channel Amp for Monitor Audio RS6


I am looking to bring a better vibe to my 2 channel listening by adding a power amp to the mix. I will be using a very recent Pioneer Elite receiver as a prepro and this system must remain as a multifunction HT type layout.

Speakers as noted are a complete set of the Monitor Audio RS Silver line (Fronts = RS6, Center = RSCLR and Rears = RS1)

Sources include a Technics SL-1210M5G via PS Audio GCPH and an OPPO BDP-83 (in transport mode via a Music Hall DAC 25.2)

Budget is probably right around 1K and would love to pick up a gently used gem rather than buying new.

So far - NAD has been suggested...Arcam as well...



Odyssey Stratos is one of the best and Klaus who build them is a gentleman.
I bought a PS Audio Trio A stereo amp,and have been pleased with it.It replaced a Red wine 30.2.Very good sound esp at used prices.I think there is one in the classifieds.There is a review in the Audiogon review section under power amps.Ive had mine for over a year .Sounds better than an Anthem PVA-2 that I also had for over a year.
Just got 2 McCormack (DNa .5 and DNA-1), both are excellent.
McCormack and Odyssey, 2 among the best.