2-ch VALUE SYSTEM? Gallo Ref AV+Nova+2 Subs

Hi !

I am still searching for a high end system that is good enough for me. Ive heard a lot of stuff, have been at some shows, recently at the london hifi show in heathrow. A lot of megabuck systems sucked (as usual) like Focal Scala Utopia, Zingali 1.15, Amphion Kryon, Marten Miles, Revolver Cygnis.

Bass is usually lacking microdynamics and definiton (large woofers ?) Best sound of show imo was AudiaZ Eta, Gallo ref 3.1 & AudioNote.

The Audiaz Eta is a small piece of art with AMT-Tweeter,4" carbon mid + 2x4" carbon bass woofers. Driven by tenor350 monos it was the most dynamic sound with excellent soundstaging, imaging, and bass microdynamics in a huge 30x20 room. it lacked of course deep bass due to the 4" woofers & weight due to the huge room - but it was still the best bass performance of show !
2nd best was gallo on xindak electronics and 3rd a full AudioNote system - less dynamic but more live due to tubes.

That brings be to the gallo reference AV with 2 extra 4" bass woofers - down to 55hz - easy to drive by peachtree decco 2 or nova. With 2 Velodyne subwoofers with room correction this could be the ultimate value system for me.

Have you got experience with the gallo rev av ?

Any suggestions for subwoofers with best microdynamics (at least down to 30hz) with room/phase correction for a 15x18 room in a 2.2 setup ?

I dont wanna spend money on weiss rwa nuforce or (still) expensive line arrays if it can be done (even better) with that setup (to be proven). My audtions haven proven that money&reputation is not a guarantee for good sound - whatever reviews and posts might say.

I am open to all recommendations up to 10k system price (used)

I do believe that 2.2 setups will become a standard in future because it is so hard to achieve execellent bass performance in everybodys room.

Please comment