2 ch. or 5.1 amp for HT mostly for music

I have just gotten back into audio after having raised 3 children. I bought an HK 325 receiver and 2 rti polk speakers along with a center. At some point for HT, I will probably add surrounds. Here's the problem. If I had it to do again, I probably would not buy any of the above, although neither the HK nor the polks are terrible. I listen mostly to music. Would I be better off to buy a 2 channel stereo amp or a 5.1 amp. I'm leaning toward a 2 channel. If I do go with the 2 ch. will this stll work when I add the surrounds. Again mostly music for me but some movies for the wife and family. I am also in the market for some good used speakers.
I bought an HK a/v 230 to pre out into my 2chan main and then amplify just some extra rears for enjoyment with movies and SACDs. Pre-outing into my main cause a hum which I could not get rid of. I ended up bi-amping--main amp powers L/R front directly from SACD/DVD player, and H/K powers L/R rears directly from player. The plus is less wiring and a more direct path, the negative is two volume controls, though I found this easy to manage with the test tones from the player. All that said, now I realize I could have gone with just an extra 2channel amp for the rears, without all the extra stuff.
Hi Papertrai. I just wanted to chime in with my 2 cents worth because I use an HK3375 2-channel with Polk Rti38 speakers. First, Jaica has it right about 2-channel. Check your manual because you should be able to switch between 2-channel and HT (I'm not absolutely sure of this since I'm not an expert on HT but it seems it should be possible. Most of the HT receivers I have seen have a stereo selection somewhere.) Second, you don't mention your cables and interconnects. I got better results by going to Kimber Kable (4TC for speakers and PBJ for interconnect). If you are using generic cables and IC's you will probably get better sound with an inexpensive upgrade like Signal, Kimber, Audioquest, etc. Third, experiment a little with your speaker placement. Make sure your stands (or shelfs) put the tweeters at approximately ear height (at your listening position) and you might try toeing them in just slightly. Also, if you can, position them so the drivers are about a foot or more in front of your tv for better imaging and soundstage. Fourth, if you have a set of main in/pre out jacks connected with a set of pins, replace the pins with a set of interconnects. You don't have to use a fancy set and it will improve the sound immensely. I did this recently and my Rti 38's sound better in every way. Anyway, I hope this helps. I know how it is to be seeking good sound on a budget and I think the HK/Polk combo is a good one for the dollars. Don't throw in the towel too easily. These changes don't cost much and they can really help.
I picked up a Chiro 5 channel amp (140wpc, I think) for something like $600 and it is a beast.
I am now thinking about buying a 5 channel amp. An article in this month's "The Absolute Sound" has convinced me that multichannel sound (DVD A and SACD) are worth exploring.

Jr.--Thanks for the suggestion.
i'm sure your hk will do stereo. just turn doly off.
question is will it do stereo good, i dont know. i'm currently in the market for a avr and 2 ch is most inportant to me too.

i do have a pair of polk rti38 that i am not too happy with. i bought them on the merrit of the polk moniter 12 i heard when i was younger. they do sound good but are not verry dynamic.

if you like the polk sound try some full range up front and move the rti to the rear ch. otherwise try some other full range sp up front, the hk should be fine with whatever you choose.