2-ch analog, oppo?

I'm interested in 2 channel analog only. Which might be better, oppo 980(new), denon 2900, pioneer dv47, cambridge 540, etc(used)...? I've read all the posts on the oppo, but I'm confused if all the great audio reviews are using as transport with dac. My equipment is klipsch kg 3.5's, aragon 2004 mk II, yamaha rxv-659, and heartland cables. I like a brighter, snappier sound. Oh yeah, my current player is a cheap pioneer dvd($80 from walmart).
Seems that suggestions were given in this thread :

No it wasn't. My original thread was asking for suggestions. I have considered those suggestions and now am asking a more specific question about a specific player mentioned. I also mentioned I read all the threads and was confused as to what everyone was referring to with the oppo. Using the analog outs or using the digital out with an external dac? It wasn't enough to email me first with the same point? Which I then answered for you. If you have nothing to offer, then then why post? There may be others out there willing to help.
I'm using an oppo 980 analog out to my jolida integrated, and I'm really happy with it. I realize that there is better out there, but for the price the 980 goes for (and considering my present financial situation) I couldn't find anything better.Plus I get to fool around with sacd which is a good bonus.
The Oppo is a great, bargain universal player. It can be made even better by running it into a high quality DAC, as is true of most less expensive players that have Digital Out connections. Many players in the Oppo's price range do not have Digital Out, so the Oppo is one of several good option for that want to start with decent sound on a budget, but reserve the option to upgrade in the future with a great DAC.

Have both the Oppo 980 and the Denon 2900. Use the Oppo for videos and DEnon for cds. The 2900 is a beast that is easily upgraded. It is basically the same machine as the current 3900 series. The Oppo is good but not nearly the machine the 2900 is.
New 2900s can still be found for around $250 and the Oppo can be had on Ebay for $135.
Manumpi205: Are you saying anything about how they sound?

Thanks Magnumpi205, that's good info.
The Denon sounds better, feels better and looks better than the Oppo. The Oppo is a wonderful bargain for both audio and video.
The contruction in this particular Denon model is comparable to $5000 to $10,000 machines. This gives considerable flexability to upgrade without sacrificing overall build quaility.
Any upgrades to an Oppo can easily exceed the quality of the machine and value of the player.
PS Saw a lot of Oppo front ends at RMAF!
May I suggest that you look into the Nad T585.
Brand new $499. They are sold on this site.

Magnumpi205 wrote: "The Denon sounds better, feels better and looks better than the Oppo."

I agree with points 2 and 3.

Went with the oppo. Like to see what all the buzz is about. Looking at some new cables to go with it.