2 Ch. $1500 SS Amp suggestions for unbalanced use

Looking for suggestions for the best $1,500 SS amp 2 Ch. amp to use with unbalanced sources for music. Using my Yamaha RX-V2400 as a pre-pro and for the other channels for movies.

I thought about the Krell 250a, but hear they are not so good with unbalanced inputs in use.

Source is a Denon 2900 DVD, Von Schweikert VR-1s speakers (monitors) and Hsu VTR-3r sub.

Thanks in advance for suggestions.
McCormack DNA 0.5 w/level B mods by SMcAudio.
I've been using a BAT VK200 100wpc solid state amp for nine months and am very happy with it. Loads of power, great soundstaging, very organic sounding for SS and even has the ability to render quiet passages with delicacy.

It accepts only balanced inputs but it performs very well using RCA to XLR adapters. I've used five different preamps with this amp including a BAT VK3i connected fully balanced and preferred using a singled-ended only tube preamp.

I was able to snag mine for $1400 including the BAT RCA-XLR adapters.

BTW, I think the DNA 0.5 is a great suggestion as well. I'm sure people will offer you other very good suggestions.

Good luck!