2 Center Speakers in M-C/HT System?

I remember reading an article where a reviewer mentioned that he has 2 center speakers in his multi-channel system.
Has anyone tried this? If so, what is your opinion and how did you configure your system in order to achieve this?
Years ago I ran 2 Mirage centers--I liked it because that speaker is so beamy--(with2 of'em)It filled the center much better. I've also used a stereo amp where the L ch of the amp did the woofers and the right side did the tweeter and mids. (Aerial cc3)I've read and posted to those older threads on this subject-- but I now believe one great center speaker is better.
I have soliloquy sat-5's all around with a velodyne ULD15 II for a sub. I could not fit the soliloquy center channel where I needed it and went with a pair of sat-5's instead. I laid the sat-5's on their sides about 6 inches apart with the bottoms together. I also made sure that the amps for both are itentical as well as the cabling to avoid any cancellation. The system sounds great! It also fills the center better since I have a 6 foot front projection tv and the R/L speakers are about 16 feet apart.
Elevick, thanks for the response. This is exactly what I wanted to achieve but need to confirm with someone who has done it. So, according to your description, the tweeters for your center speakers are facing outward (to the outside). Right?
Keep them as close together as possible and it will work fine. My multichannel processor has two outputs for the center signal precisely for this situation.
Eldartford, what pre/pro do you have and are you positioning your center speakers so the tweeters are closer together?
Gaudio_eek...My pre/pro is a Rotel RSP-1066. I do not actually use two center speakers since my system is just for music and there is no screen to get in the way. However, two speakers on each side of the screen, and playing the same signal will image at the center of the screen...really better than you could do with a single speaker above or below.
By the way, Soliloquys are upside-down designs. My tweeters are on the bottom. I have the bottoms together. Make sure that you don't toe the speakers in. I would have them facing straight out.
I had to use 2 instead of a center because there is a support beam right up the middle of the wall.
My system:
Anthem AVM-2
HK Signature 2.1
Soliloquy sat-5's (6 of them)
Velodyne ULD15 II
Monster commercial grade speaker wire 12ga
Nordost Blue heaven interconnects