2 amps with same speakers NON-Biamp ??

This is a 'what-if' that keeps popping up in my head: You have a preamp with 2 sets of main outs. One set is connected to stereo amp A(SS), the other to stereo amp B(tube). Each amp is connected to the same pair of speakers in normal(non-biamp, non-biwire) fashion. When I want to listen to rock/pop I could fire up the system and amp A only. For more gentle/refined music I would turn on amp B instead. I wonder if this has been done or is doable or wise. My concern is that the output stages of the amps would interact with each other and degrade the sound or worse, i.e. damage one another.
You would have to rig up some type of switchbox or relay device to achieve this without doing damage to the unused amp or massive degradation to the signal. There is no easy way around this other than hooking and unhooking each time that you wanted to change the system. Sean
I'll purge that thought.
I would think for the price of two seperate amplifiers you could buy one that would out perform the other two under all conditions.
Here is a slightly different set-up I use. One power amp that has switchable inputs for balanced or RCA which is a Classe' CA300 is hooked to two different pre-amps, one solid state and the othe tubed plus two cd players gives the flexibility to change preamps with the flick of a switch and a multiple combination of either cd player with either preamp switchable from the frt panel. Ther is one combination I prefer the most but not one is right for all different tunes, plus I get bored with the same sound all the time. Maybe something like this will work for you?
Now THAT's a cool and versatile set-up RHLjazz !!! Good thinking on your part. I wish i would have thought of doing that. Instead, i just have several different systems with each having their own sonic characteristics spread out throughout the house. Sean
Perfectimage is on to something...