2-3K, Integrated or Seperates

Hello all, I'm considering assembling a secondary system on a budget. I think all most would agree that seperate pre and power amps are the way to go if you have the money to spend.

In the price range up to 3000, there are a bunch of really nice integrated amps out there. What do people think, at this price point would you be better off with a very good integrated, or seperates?

I'm thinking of using this system in a relatively small space with stand or shelf mounted monitors.

I just picked up a LFD Mistral, and per the reviews, the new one is just as good...no phono at $2895. How do I like it, well, I'll be selling my Leak Stereo 20 tube amp that's in mint condition for being 50 years old! But there are many good one's out there as well. Good luck...L'wood
I would go the integrated route. There are a lot of really good units out there in the $2-3k range. So many that it may hard to make a decision.

Good luck.
Integrated. 1 less power cord. 2 less cables. Less electricity. Less space needed. Less time tweaking and more time listening. At 2-3k lots of choices on some very fine amps.
Have to agree, probably integrated. Ayre Ax-7e pops to mind from personal experience and comments of others.
I agree with Bar81 but only if you have easy to drive speakers. I tried the Ayre but my "cheap" Rotel RC1070 had better control over my speakers.
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While integrateds may always involve a sonic compromise compared to separates, I really feel the gap is diminishing as separates become better and better in quality.

I personally shelled out a little more than 3k for a used Simaudio i7, but have heard other integrateds in your price range that are all but equal to separates. In many cases, it came down almost to personal preference rather than objective superiority/inferiority.

And, as has been noted already, it just makes your entire setup less encumbered with power cords, interconnects, etc.
I think 3K integrated should always be better than 3K separates, and probably are. That is, at the same price points the integrated should have better parts with lower chassis costs, and cabling costs compared with similarly priced separates, especially at the lower end of the price spectrum. If you were considering a low cost passive attenuator for your pre with a more expensive amp to equal the price point, you might be better with the separates.
As with all things, it depends on what you want. The upside of separates, it seems to me, is that you can upgrade one and keep the other, at least for awhile. The upside of integrateds is that you'll get more functionality out of the same budget.

For three-k you can get some pre-owned stuff that would totally kick butt in either camp. One other thing to consider is whether you like your music warm or snappy. In my opinion, the quick-tempo'ed detail freaks out there (like me) are better off with separates, while the lush, rosy sonic palettes have a lot more choices for integrateds. Someone's going to pounce on that, but it is my experience.
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>I'm thinking of using this system in a relatively small space with stand or shelf mounted monitors.

Hi Bmdduck,

Definitely take a peek at the Red Wine Audio Signature 30.2:

It is definitely one the very best (if not "the" best) sounding in its price range.
For a small space, you probably don't want a separate preamp and power amp taking up space, not to mention the extra interconnects and power cords. The RWA is all about simplicity and is only 12" wide x 9" deep. Just add a good source and speakers and you'll be all set!

Good luck,

I can't speak for the sound of the Red Wine as I have not heard it, but at the price point, using a passive attenuator for volume control on their integrated version(I think they use GoldPoint or DacT) seems like the best way to get the most bang for the buck and possibly the very best implementation of a passive pre as it does not require interconnects and should have minimal or no impedance matching issues. If the Red Wine sounds good and works well with your speakers, it should be very fine indeed and a good way to spend 2-3K
Go the full integration route with the Magnum Dynalab MD 208 receiver! Subwoofer output and smooth, lush Simaudio-made amplifier section.
If you want a int.check out what Coda sells,I dont know price,but you kinda get what you pay for.But i bet its one nice piece.
If I were starting a system from scratch in a small space, the Red Wine integrated would be at the top of my list.
It maybe controversial, but I think up to about $10,000, it is better to consider integrated amps. Manufacturers seem to be taking integrated amps seriously now, with new companies such as Pass joining in. Unfortunately, one of the best VAC, have stopped making an integrated for the moment, hopefully not for ever