$2-3K amp for Tyler Acoustic Linbrook Monitor Sigs

I'm looking to spend about $2000-$3000 on a new amp for my Tyler Acoustic Linbrook Monitor Signatures. I'm currently using a PrimaLuna Prologue One that I think is fantastic for its price but it's time to upgrade. I would like to stick with a tube amp if possible but a warm sounding solid state amp would be fine. I generally prefer a warm, smooth sound but would like a little better dynamics than I'm getting from the Prologue One.
I own the Tyler Linbrook System II's and I'm powering them and the rest of my Tylers with a Butler Audio TDB-5150. The sound I am getting is stunning! I highly recommend Butler Audio's amps in conjuction with Ty's speakers... particularly the Linbrooks with that millenium tweeter.
If I were as lucky as you , owner of the Ty Signatures!!
My choice in your 2-3K price range would be the Cayin TRI88. Ck it out on Cayin's web site.
I've seem 1 used offered here awhile back, but not very often. I'd guess new it retails for like $3K.
You need power and I believe that babe will deliver.
No I've never heard it.