2 - 16 ohms Bookshelf speakers?

Hi everyone,

I am looking to buy a pair of bookshelf speakers that will be able to be driven in 2 ohms and up to 16 ohms.

Any sugestions?

As always, your opinions HIGHLY APPRECIATED!!!

Thank you
I'm afraid I don't understand your question.

If you were asking for an amplifier that's able to drive speakers rated at 2 ohms and/or 16 ohms impedance, I'd understand.

Or if you were asking for bookshelf speakers that had an impedance of 2 ohms, or of 16 ohms, I'd understand (though I wouldn't have an answer for you).

Of if you were asking for a bookshelf speaker that could be driven by 2 watts and up to 16 watts, I'd understand.

But "ohms" is a unit of resistance or impedance; you cannot "drive" anything with 2 ohms, nor with 16 ohms. You can "drive" speakers with watts, or with volts (customarily, we use "watts" when we speak of driving loudspeakers).

Maybe I'm not understanding your question. Could you phrase it another way, and I'll try again?

Your question doesn't quite make any sense...
let me reformulate - supposing I have 2 amplifiers that one of them works in 2 ohms and another one in 16 ohms, and I want to use both of them (of course not in the same time) with the same pair of Bookshelf speakers.

Which speakers are so flexible to be driven by amplifiers @ 2 ohms and 16 ohms?

Make sense?

Thank you

It's not which speakers are flexible - but which amp.

The speakers are loads. The question is whether the amp
can carry the load or not.

A speaker with a 2 ohm impedance requires more current than
a 16 ohm impedance speaker. Therefore, a 2 ohm speaker
presents a more difficult load to the amplifier.

Hence, if you have an amp that can handle a 2 ohm speaker,
that is - it has enough current capability to drive the
2 ohm speaker - then it will easily handle a 16 ohm
speaker, as the latter will require much less current and
presents an easier load. An amp rated at 2 ohms is the
more flexible amp.

Now if you have an amp that is only rated for 16 ohm
speakers, then it is not very powerful. It will require
a speaker that is very easy to drive - a 16 ohm speaker.

The amp that is rated at 2 ohms - can easily handle such
an easy load as a 16 ohm speaker.

Since the amp that is rated at 16 ohms is the weaker amp -
if you get a 16 ohm speaker - then the 16 ohm amp will be
able to drive it. So will the more powerful amp which is
rated at 2 ohms.

Dr. Gregory Greenman
Thank you very much. Understood.