2.1 vs floor standing speakers

I am new to the forum and am in need of assistance. I am looking to start over since I have recently moved and left everything I had collected since I was 12 with my father. I am now 27 and have shifted genres of music a few times since collecting. Now I am into classic rock, metal, and old school hip hop. I sold audio for years back at circuit city both mobile and home. Have built my own boxes and designed several systems for car audio. Ideally I would love to start with building a dynaco st-70 and some quality bookshelfs or small floor speakers. Not quite ready to take on that with relocating and a new job but have been craving for some new audio. Here is my dilemma I am new to the vintage audio and have always had appreciation for Marantz, Mcintoch, and pioneer receivers/integrated amps. looking to spend $600-1,000 for a stereo built strictly (speakers and amp) for music to get me started or to a semi happy place. I have looked into building speakers myself with a T box sub for the hip hop, to a bookshelf sub 2.1 syetem, to vintage floor speakers. Any opinions would help steer me at this point. I mostly listen to digital audio such as sirius XM and music recorded to my mac. Would be a bedroom system of 400sq ft for now but eventually fill my new living room of 600+ sq ft. would appreciate any input available. I have already a few ideas but looking for a fresh opinion. Thanks In advance, Grant.
My suggestion would be to look for a Marantz 2252B, 22565B, 2270, 2285, etc. and a pair of Klipsch Fortes and I think you will set for now. Or maybe a pair of Klipsch Heresys and a sub.

Hey, I had a Cambridge Audio 840a connected to a pair of Klipsch Fortes and it was awesome. The CA can be had used for about $550-650 and the Fortes for $350-500. When you get a chance, do a search for "Bob Crites Networks". He sells titanium diaphragms for the tweeters and new crossovers. That will run about $260 and is a very worthwhile upgrade.

Again, the only reason I suggest this is becasue it worked quite well in my room.
Thanks I have been looking into the Forte and they seem like quality speakers that will fulfill my needs. Thanks