2.1 Integration

In process of upgrading components and have question. Currently have 2.1 system, music only, SVS Ultra bookshelves and SB-13 Ultra sub.

How well do the bookshelves and sub integrate if the sub is connected to pre-amp out and integrated amp does not have any bass management. I know the SVS sub does have the high/low pass filters but the bookshelves would still be receiving lower frequency signals. Or is it better just to utilize an integrated amp or separate pre-amp with bass management capabilities. Currently use a Denon AVR-591 that I will be replacing with a different integrated amp. 

Thanks in advance.

I've used an SVS SB-12NSD for about 4 years, both with standmount monitors and with big speakers.  Avoid the high-pass in the sub, as it will likely affect the transparency of your signal to the bookshelves.  Send full-range signal to the bookshelves, and start by crossing in the sub pretty low, trying 45 Hz at first and then 60 Hz to see if things get too wooly.  If you can locate the sub in space with your eyes closed, then you have its level or crossover too high.

Have fun!
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Thank you for the useful input.

I was considering one of the Parasound components in my research. Been very cautious in considering driving the bookshelves full range but am definitely open to all possibilities. I do enjoy and listen to electronic and soundtrack music but do most of my listening to jazz.

Thank you also for link to the HK research paper. Will have to study it.

Thanks again for everyone's input.