2.1 Channel System Build - mostly vinyl

I'm working on piecing together a 2.1 system for my next house. It will be smaller (OK to NJ - less bang for the buck on space), so my surround system in my man-cave will be going to the living room (youngest is almost 2 so I don't think she'll be quite as destructive, either).

My 7.1 is Denon AVR-4306 driving Axiom M80-600. For CD I use an older Oppo, PS3 for Blu and Project RM-10 with Clearaudio Aurum Classic Mk2 for vinyl. I have the Bellari Tube phono-stage, but don't like the hiss from the tube, so I've been plugging direct into the phono on the Denon.

For the new room, I'm moving the Project and I've picked up Emotiva stuff on their Holiday Sale. I got their ERC-1 CD player, USP-1 pre-amp and XPA-2 amp (250 WPC 8ohms, stable at 500 WPC into 4). I've also just purchased a pair of BE-718s (6 ohms, supposedly need a lot of power, play down to 42 Hz) that were here on Audiogon and the Graham Slee Reflex (they're having a sale on 2nd quality so it was only $890 w/ shipping direct from Graham).

So, I still need a subwoofer and new cartridge. I love my axiom EP-600, but it's unnecessarily huge and ridiculous just for music (probably for anything, but...), so I'm thinking of their EP-400. It's sealed, which should help musicality and still plays down to 18Hz anechoic and 17Hz in-room. In the spare bedroom, I think it'll be plenty. I'm also thinking of the Clearaudio Maestro because it is quite highly rated and I can get $400 off as a retip/upgrade exchange from my current low-end Clearaudio. I'm not looking MC right now as I'm trying to stay semi-reasonable with cost and amount of stuff - I'd need the Graham Slee Elevator as well if I went MC.

I'm looking for thoughts on the cartridge and sub based on the rest of the sytem and where I am already. I'm perfectly happy with the system I have and wouldn't be upgrading if a) I wasn't moving and b) wasn't an addict. Do you think the sub will mate up well with the speakers and the cartridge with the phono stage or should I be looking elsewhere?
I like emotiva equipment  have a arc 3 if I needed an amp I would  go with them .
Check out the HSU  ULS-15 mk2. Its an 18" cube thats flat down to 20hz. With its small size and labor day sale price it leaves you more money for a cartridge upgrade.