2,000-2,500 speakers

need some speaker help!
used legacy classics, vandy 2ce sigs, used thiel 3.6, used vandy 3 sigs? I know you've got your opinions let's hear em. Will be driven with threshold s200 amp and fet one pre.
thanks in advance for all the help. kenton
I probably would try the Vandy 3 Sigs, then the Thiel 3.6. They are great speakers with the powerful Threshold amp you have.
I agree with Ykk in regard to the speakers you have listed....they are both excellent choices with the limited info you have provided. The Thiels could be problematic in a small room - you really need to be aware of their requirement for set up or you might be unhappy with them.

You fail to mention exactly what is important to you in a speaker - there are some excellent alternatives to the above depending on your expectations.
Vandy's and Thiel's sound quite different from each other even though they share some similar design strategies. Personally, i think that the Vandy 3's would be the best of those mentioned with the gear that you're running, but that is a matter of taste. Then again, there is no mention of your room size, listening preferences, etc... It is quite possible that none of these speakers are ideally suited. Given the vast differences in the products that you mentioned, i'm guessing that you're still guessing at what you really want / expect out of a system.

As far as the Legacy's go, take a look at a thread in the Speaker Asylum over at AA pertaining to Legacy Signature III's. While the Sig III's are different from the Classics, they share similar design ideologies with similar problems. Sean
For Rock/Roll or home theater... Legacy.
Classical & WAF - Thiel
Mixed Environment - Vandy
Uh, are you sure you need that many speakers man? I only have two here and they are working out okay.
As stated, it's a matter of personal preference, but I'm more of a Thiel guy, myself. I picked up a pair of used, but great condition, CS3.6's a while back, and I believe them to be a phenomenal speaker for the money. I recently went about auditioning them with numerous power amps, several of which cost more than twice the 3.6's suggested retail. One thing about the 3.6's is that they will let you hear all of the nuances of the rest of your gear, and believe me, the differences in various amps were very audible with the Thiels. In one instance, I hooked up my 3.6's to a dealer's system who had been using a pair of $9,000 speakers, and when we hooked up the Thiels, I swear his jaw hit the floor! He kept walking around them and asking questions about them (which was odd, since he was trying to sell me an amp!).

Of course, Vandersteens are also quite nice. They just didn't get me as excited about music as the Thiels do.

if size is not a problem, Dunlavy SC-4 later version!
big step up from 2ce or gold (I owned both once)