1st SACD Purchase

I just acquired a transport that plays SACDs.  I own a few thousand CDs, but not a single SACD.  So, I want to purchase a SACD to give this transport a run for its money.  Please suggest to me one SACD release that will really expose my transport and the rest of the system to a good test of its capabilities to reproduce quality sounds.  Any genre works for me.

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You might have a different ensemble, this Lauridsen disc is by Polyphony.

I have sung a number of Whiteacre works, like them a lot.  Will look for the Cloudburst CD.  Thanks.
Pink Floyd ,  Darkside of the Moon.
My first SACD purchase was a pre-owned "Blonde on Blonde" (Dylan, as if you wouldn't know).
Dark Side of The Moon, absolutely.

For audio playback, I can use XLR or optical from the 901 to the 2600. I am doing some A-B testing to determine which DAC is better for

SACD signal has to be converted onboard of the unit...you did not know that?

Thru digital, you'll be sending a cd signal to 2600...not sacd...