1st SACD Purchase

I just acquired a transport that plays SACDs.  I own a few thousand CDs, but not a single SACD.  So, I want to purchase a SACD to give this transport a run for its money.  Please suggest to me one SACD release that will really expose my transport and the rest of the system to a good test of its capabilities to reproduce quality sounds.  Any genre works for me.

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just few examples,
Thelonius Monk-Straight, No chaser (Columbia) single layer
David Bowie-Reality (Columbia), hybrid
DMP does DSD, (DMP) hybrid
Far More Drums (DMP) hybrid
Tonny Bennett- Unplugged (Columbia) single layer
Tiny Island (OPUS 3) hybrid
Omnibus Wnd Ensemble Music by Frank Zappa (OpUS 3) hybrid
For classical many to choose from Sony Classical catalogue.

Has 2 layers, one SACD and one CD, so you can reproduce on both formats. 
@kren0006  I'm a McIntosh person.  I purchased the MVP 901, which is a multi-function transport that plays audio & video discs.  All kinds of formats, as long as they come on a compact disc format.  The MVP 901 flows into my McIntosh 2600 PreAmp, then to the 2152 Amp.  For audio playback, I can use XLR or optical from the 901 to the 2600.  I am doing some A-B testing to determine which DAC is better for CD playback, the 901 or 2600.  Eventually I will get the D1100 digital PreAmp, but that will result in a change in how I process digital music as a whole.  Will be getting a new streamer (Sonore) in the near future as well.  Hope this answer the question.  If not, let me know.
Thanks, OP. Congrats. I am really interested to know, after you get the streamer, about the sound quality of SACD versus hi res streaming, assuming you use the streamer to stream Tidal or Qubuz.

I’m currently streaming only but considering a future SACD player purchase, but only if I can expect the SACD quality to exceed streaming quality.  SInce you'd be keeping everything constant and could test between the two, could be good test case if you're willing.

Thanks again
@kren0006  Yes, great idea that I intend to follow-thru on.  I have done A-B-C-D comparisons with LPs from High School, Redbook CDs from early days, remastered 45rpm/200gr vinyl, and digital streaming from Tidal.  Now I can add SACD into the mix.  I will certainly post my results, then step back as all the flack starts flying again.
I'm a McIntosh person. I purchased the MVP 901, which is a multi-function transport that plays audio & video discs. All kinds of formats, as long as they come on a compact disc format.
I think you're confused. The CD format is cast in stone as 16/44.1 audio. The MVP901 will play CD as well as Blu-ray, DVD, SACD and DVD-Audio. Each of those is a different format.

I’m currently streaming only but considering a future SACD player purchase, but only if I can expect the SACD quality to exceed streaming quality.
If you do actual comparisons, I think you’ll find that sometimes streaming from a service such as Qobuz will give you the best SQ. Other times it will be the SACD with the best sound, or even a CD. It depends as much on the actual source and how it was mastered. There are so many variables in preparing commercial recordings for release that it is really impossible to cite any format as the best in all instances.
@cleeds  What I was attempting to say is that it will play any format on the round disc we call a CD.  Whether it is Blu-ray, DVD, SACD, CD-R,  and DVD-Audio, it is still a round disc with a hole in the middle.  So, no, I am not confused.  I know what my equipment does, hell I own it.  
For audio playback, I can use XLR or optical from the 901 to the 2600. I am doing some A-B testing to determine which DAC is better for CD playback, the 901 or 2600.
MVP901 will output optical , but most likely it will be CD layer only.  Your A-B testing will be SACD vs CD.

Thx cleeds.  Yeah as in all things audio I suppose there are very rarely absolutes!
Junior Brown's Down Home Chrome on Telarc is a must try.  Also try any of the old RCA Living Stereo reissues.  Try Morton Gould's music for Brass & Percussion, or Bartok's Concerto for Orchestra conducted by Fritz Reiner.  If you can tolerate classical vocal music, the Anna Moffo sings Operatic Arias has surprisingly good sound.
Here is a good one that I use when I have vinyl snobs round who think that  it is not on when I talk about digital being as good as and in a lot of cases better than vinyl rigs. Buy the sacd of Janine Jansen and her family doing Vivaldi's Four Seasons and your ears won't believe it. The sound is so clean and pure . 
I like trying out some of the SACD sampler disks from Chesky, Telarc, Analogue Production, Sony etc. Check out your local “bye, sell, trade shops” too. I have found many like new SACD and DVD-A in the bin, $3-$5!!
SACD.NET runs close out and clearance sales several times a year. I’m sure others can make suggestions as well.
Dark Side of the Moon.I have a 5.1 mix that I run direct into the analog 5.1 inputs of my Marantz receiver which just plays what my Sony SCD 595 SACD changer outputs which is DSD.That Sacd is a hybrid so it can be played on a cd layer.
The Doors - "The Doors"
Elton John - "Madman Across The Water"
Love - "Forever Changes"
Steely Dan - "Gaucho"
The Who - "Tommy"
As tpreaves advised, start with your favorites, that will allow to make a fair comparison to the Redbook Copy.

but a few of my favorites if you can find them:
Roxy Music-Avalon
Peter Gabriel - many to choose from but US and UP stand out most

"Credo," Helene Grimaud, Sweedish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Choir, Esa-Pekka Salonen (on Deutsche Grammophon).
I have Red Book and SACD versions of this astonishing "recital." It includes a contemporary solo piano piece, a Beethoven piano sonata--and then Beethoven's "Choral Fantasy," which begins as if it were a piano sonata, morphs into a piano concerto, and concludes as a warm-up for the fourth movement of the Ninth: solo voices and full chorus with the orchestra. And its a lovely piece of dramatic, romantic music, all in about 20 minutes. But that's not all. The CD concludes with its title piece: "Credo," by the contemporary Estonian composer Arvo Pärt. This piece will blow your mind. It begins with a gorgeous quotation of Bach, to the words (in Latin): "I believe in Jesus Christ." Then, to the Old Testament ethic embodied in the words "An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth," all hell breaks loose! I've never heard such astonishing, shocking noise! The score must be amazing: all voices are screaming, all instruments are playing fortissimo, outbursts separated by silences. A friend wittily calls the piece "The Tourette's Symphony." It ends as it began, by returning to Bach and to peace. The recording quality, even of the Red Book CD, is as brilliant and detailed as anything I've ever heard. 

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Glenn Gould- J.S. Bach: Italian Concerto.Partitas 1&2 (single layer)
Vladimir Horowitz-Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Schumann, Liszt (single layer)
Both from Sony Classical, i've listened to them today-really nice

Pat Metheny Group ECM White album, Keith Jarrett Sun Bear Concerts, Jeff Beck Wired, Blow By Blow, Rough & Ready, Orange album, Todd Rundgren A Wizard A True Star, Something Anything, Santana Caravanserai, III, Abraxas
Along with the other suggestions made, in the classical vein I've been very impressed with the recent Reference Recordings(Fresh RR) SACDs with the Pittsburgh Symphony, particularly their Strauss and Shostakovich recordings.  Also, the San Francisco Symphony's Mahler cycle and other recordings are excellent.  And one you might have to look hard to find is a Harmonia Mundi recording of Manuel de Falla's Three-Cornered Hat suites and Nights in the Gardens of Spain (HMC 801606).
Gram parsons grievous angel.
Bob dylan desire
I have them both on cd, vinyl, SACD and stream HQ tidal
SACD best for those albums... Been picking up rolling stones sacd from that there auction site... Search for dsd as people sometimes dont list as SACD so less bidders
One thing that I have found vis-a-vis  CD vs SACD vs High-Res (streaming or on Blu-Ray or Audio DVD) is that it's not so much the resolution that determines SQ but rather the care put into the mastering that matters. Here's an example: 
I have the RCA Red Seal  recording of Prokofiev's "Lt. Kiji" with Reiner/Chicago Symphony.  on three formats: vinyl. JVC XRCD (Red Book). and on BMG/RCA SACD. Both the XRCD and the vinyl sound BETTER than BMG's SACD remastering!  In fact it is one of the best sounding reissues I've ever encountered. The BMG version is dual layer and when I compare the CD layer of the BMG with the JVC XRCD, I'm gobsmacked at how much better the XRCD sounds!
I am also a McIntosh guy and SACD user.  I love the format, but getting music across a wide variety of genres is tough.  If you like jazz at all, Time Out by Dave Brubeck shows of what amazing sound can be had.

Dire Straights is also known for amazing recording quality, particularly Brother in Arms.

Food Luck in your journey!
The Pittsburgh Symphony recordings of the Brahms Symphonies led by Marek Janowski is a good example of the benefits of SACD.  The strings are more fleshed out, there is a good sense of Hall ambiance and reverb, just more of everything.  It isn’t super flashy music, like something a dealer might play to knock your socks off in fifteen seconds to get you interested, but if you what an Orchestra in a real space is supposed to sound like, this does the trick.  On the same Pentatone label, Mari Kodama Beethoven Piano Sonatas sound exceptionally realistic.
Your post caught my interest. Are you playing the sacd in a surround 5 speaker system or just two channel?

For that matter, Anyone else utilizing the only apparent benefit of sacd?
multichannel SACD is awsome and most impressive, it was an experience in setting up one with 5 SS-M9ED, 3 TA-E1, 3 TA-N1 with  a XA777ES player. Still benefits of that format are clear in 2 channel.
Two channel.

@recluse.   At first I was playing SACDs in multichannel only.  I ultimately added a Bryston DAC3, so now I can have my Oppo 105 output the DSD layer of SACD over HDMI in my two channel system as well.
sara k Hell or High Water. Rolling Stones Between the Buttons DSD SHM Universal Music, Made in Japan.
Norah Jones "Come Away With Me" SACD, which should also be listed in the Best Debut Album thread.

By the way, if your player will handle DVD-A, I used to download high-res tracks from HD Tracks and other sources and burn them to DVD-A before I put a Mac Mini into my system.  There are still a lot of  high quality professional DVD-A products available, such as Donald Fagen's "The Nightfly."  (Hah!  It's only $130 on Amazon right now...)  Pink Floyd, Eagles, Clapton, Rush, etc.  Some are surround sound, but there's usually a 2 channel option.

Natasha Barrett - Trade Winds SACD
Natasha Barrett is holding a PHD and at the moment professor for 3D sound at the university at Oslo. Sound with "plankton micro details".
Quite nice and relaxing music.

Louise Rogers - Black Coffee SACD
Very nice Jazz - even for those who do not like Jazz in general so much. Just consider it extremely good pop - very well recorded.
This is "audiophile" while very nice for those who just like relaxing music with some kicks from time to time.

Friedemann - Beauty and Mystery of Touch SACD
Friedemann music can be confused with synthesizer.
It is 100% instrumental, I have seen him and his band live.
The music might be called Jazz-Rock or Fusion or World Music.

Goldfrapp - Supernature SACD
Some engaging bass-driven pop.

SACD Mainstream to own IMHO:
(Some can be expensive)
Mike Oldfield - 1973 - Tubular Bells
Roxy Music - Avalon
Dire Straits - 1978 - Dire Straits
Dire Straits - 1985 - Brothers In Arms
Santana - Abraxas
Supertramp - Breakfast In America
The Doors - L.A. Woman
Pink Floyd - The Dark Side Of The Moon
Pink Floyd - 1975 - Wish You Were Here
The Alan Parsons Project - I Robot
The Eagles - Hotel California
Eric Clapton-Slowhand
Cat Stevens - 1970 - Tea For The Tillerman
Elton John - 1973 - Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
Depeche Mode - 1982 - А Broken Frame (and the DpMd)
Dead Can Dance - 1990 - Aion (and other DcD)
Billy Joel - An Innocent Man
Bob Dylan - Nashville Skyline
Genesis - (1983) Genesis
Michael Jackson - Thriller
The Rolling Stones - 1981 - Tattoo You
The Rolling Stones - 1982 - Still Life (and the TRS)
Elvis Presley - 24 Karat Hits!
Derek and the Dominos - Layla And Other Assorted Love Songs MFSL

Snilf5.....If you say you like Part.....  get Fratres (Brothers).   It depicts monks decending stairs from above.   Its written in the style of Guillaum de Machaut.... about 1300
If you're a Morten Lauridsen fan I'd suggest Lux aeterna on the Hyperion label.  Beautiful and moving contemporary choral music.
It came out in 2017. It doesn't play 4K Blu-ray. It doesn't support HDR10. It doesn't have 7-channel RCA out. Comparing to OPPO205, it isn't even close. McIntosh is good in making Amplifiers, Pre-amplifiers and integrate Amplifiers, and that's it. They know if you have their amps and pre-amp, you want to complete your system with all McIntosh gears including Audio Video player and streamer. So they don't need to spend time and money in making the best.
Further, If you have SACDs, then buy an SACD player. You don't buy an SACD player then find some SACDs to experience how good your player is. I have been using OPPO for many years. The last and current one is the OPPO205. It does play SACDs, but I don't hear a big difference with other CDs. Finally, since you don't have SACDs, anf if you don't want to pay for an overpriced OPPO205, you can buy the Panasonic DP-UB9000 for $1000 and use the different money to but a very good streamer such as the Naim Uniti Atom. This pair will outperform your MVP901.
I know I'm off topic because you're asking where and how to buy some SACDs. So I apologize. :)
rcprince --  Hey, I've got that Morten Lauridsen CD, except mine is on the RCM label.  Not an SACD, though.  I played it a lot, back at the turn of the century.  Another modernist but eminently accessible, utterly beautiful piece is Eric Whitacre's choral work Cloudburst.  Definitely worth a try.  That CD, by the way, is indeed on Hyperion.
You might have a different ensemble, this Lauridsen disc is by Polyphony.

I have sung a number of Whiteacre works, like them a lot.  Will look for the Cloudburst CD.  Thanks.
My first SACD purchase was a pre-owned "Blonde on Blonde" (Dylan, as if you wouldn't know).