1st Post - Semi Vintage vs. New

Hello Agon Community,
I have an Adcom GFP555 II into a GFA545 II...I think they sound pretty good with my system. There are lots of things I can upgrade but I have a good set of speakers. I know I could use a better DAC but my question is if I buy something like a Marantz SR7007 or maybe Emotiva separates, will it sound better than my old 2-channel amp/preamp, everything else being equal.

And just to complicate things...what if I have the old equipment gone through? Change the answer at all?

Motivation: thinking about using my good speakers in the room with the TV until my listening room is ready and do NOT like the sound of my pioneer receiver. (Or conversely, may use the new receiver in my listening room...little office...until I upgrade to a better 2 channel amp)

I kinda thought that technology would have caught up such that a new receiver would sound at least as good as a 20+ year old preamp/amp but the sound quality of the Adcoms are so superior to the pioneer that now I'm afraid to buy something for the obvious compromises. What I'm looking at, though, are 3 times or more the cost of the pioneer so I'm wondering if that will get me into better sonic territory.

For reference
JRiver Media Center 18
Music Streamer +
Zu Oxyfuel interconnects
Oppo SACD (can't remember the number but it's the last non bd unit) (use only as 2 channel)
Adcom as mentioned above
Zu Omen Defs w/Soul Superfly drivers
Oh man, with those speakers efficiency rating (100dB), I'd sell the Adcom separates and look for a nice SET integrated amp!! Something like a Cary CAD-300 SEI would make you forget all about the Adcom gear.
I completely agree with Jmcgrogan2. Your speakers are awesome and would sound great with tubes!
You could go with one of the many Prima Luna Tube integrated amps listed here. I guarantee it will sound 1000% better than the Adcom.
I agree with "Jmcgrogon2, Mik971, Stereo5". Mostly because of the GFP555 preamp. I sold a lot of adcom amps around that era and IMO until the gfp 565 came out Adcom did not have a preamp that was sonically up to their amps.
Sorry! Should have been more clear. The whole point in buying the Zu's was to accommodate getting a tube amp (well...that and they freakin' rock) but for a while, I'm not going to have the room I bought them for and am thinking about using them elsewhere. That "other" room, needs a HT receiver, I think. So, I need to buy two things but can only afford one. Since I have a two channel set up I can fall back on, am thinking about upgrading the receiver first and then buying a tube amp once I have the room set up. But, I'm just curious about the opinions about the new receivers in comparison to the older 2 channel set up.

Just to follow up a little, I rearranged things last night and have my previous "good" speakers, PSB B25s, now set up on my existing Pio receiver...still as 2 channel but now with a HSU sub and better connections than I had last time I listened to this combo and I'm pleasantly surprised. It sounds much better than I remembered, even without the sub.

So, I feel like I'll be happy. But still like opinions!

I'm sure I'll get either a Prima Luna or Rogue down the line...