1st post- New 2 vinyl. Pro-Ject Debut III question

This is my first post. I just purchased a Pro-Ject Debut III TT. I just realized it has a built in phono stage. I am running a Sunfire Theater Grand II Pre/Pro with a phono stage. Do I connect the Debut III to the phono inputs or should I connect it to another rca input like "tape"? Thanks in advance.
connect to aux. do not plug a phono into another phono input.
connect it to your aux input if you are using the built in preamp. or the phono input if you are not.
interesting-i dodnt know it had a built in pre amp. I agree with above post.
I just read the owner's manual and doesn't say anything about a built-in phono stage? It says to connect it to a "phono" input. Are you sure it has a built-in unit?
With the others here.

If Turntable has a built-in Phono Preamp, then just plug it into the Aux. Input of the Linestage.

This Turntable does NOT need an external Phono Stage.

I am not sure where I thought I read about the Debut III having a built in phono stage but it does not. Thanks to everyone's posts. I appreciate it.