1st post- New 2 vinyl. Pro-Ject Debut III question

Just purchased a lightly used Debut III with Ortofon OM-20 cartridge. I am running a Bob Carver Sunfire Theater Grand II Pre/Pro which has a Phono input on the back. I just read that the Debut III has a built in Phono Stage. Can I plug the Debut III into the Phono inputs on the Sunfire or do I need to use an unused input like "tape"? I'm not sure if there is a "quality" difference between the two phono stages. My gut feeling is I should not input one phono stage into another. I don't want to "mess" up anything. Looking forward to your suggestions. Thanks
Nothing I've read about the Debut III mentions a built-in phono stage, including Pro-Ject's website, and I've never seen one with an included phono stage either. The current Debut Carbon Phono USB has a built-in phono stage, and maybe an older USB model did, too, but if you have the standard Debut III you'll need your Pre/Pro's phono stage.

If you're worried and want to double check, plug the TT into "tape" and spin a record. What you hear is likely to be very quiet and shelved down in the bass and up in the treble (as all records sound w/o RIAA equalization from a phono pre). If the TT sounds great through the "tape" input, you'll know it does have a phono pre of its own. Trying this won't damage anything. My guess is that you'll end up needing and using the phono stage in your Bob Carver.

Enjoy the TT!
I'm pretty sure that the Debut III does not have a built in phono preamp. If thats the case, then you can't use the phono input on your preamp. You will need to connect it to one of the other line level inputs on your Carver.
Maybe I read something wrong. But my question has bene answered. I will double check before I connect my TT. thanks
I just read my post again. I messed it up. What Ablang said is correct. If your TT has a built in phono stage then you need to use a regular line level input. If, not, then you need to use the one in your preamp or buy an external one. I'm almost positive your TT does not have a built in phono stage, though.
I am not sure where I thought I read about the Debut III having a built in phono stage but it does not. Thanks to everyone's posts. I appreciate it.