after finally getting the speakers i want and electronics upgraded i'm looking to upgrade my cd player (1987 vintage denon). in the <1k range a i better off with a used transport (meridian 500, theta data basic II) using the dac in my ht preamp (b&k ref20) or a cd player using the dac in it.if so, which one associated items are parasound 2205a 5-ch amp and vandersteen speakers. i need to stick to a front-loading unit for space reasons. thanks for your help.
....check the new Rotel-971 $700 it got HCDC capabiliti, two 20-bit Burr-Brown chips, it is extremly detailed, and i think it would be perfect match for the Vandersteen speakers (they are on the dark side)Good Luck!
Whatever you do, don't buy the Planet. The EAD 7000 DAC can be found used for reasonable prices, and at that point any decent CD player should do the trick, say a CAL or a Rotel. Just make sure you get matching digital jacks, and don't waste your money on elaborate digital cables, just steer clear of RCA and TOSLINK.