1k used speaker all rounder

Looking for a high eff speaker to use with various amps, 8w set 300b, 17w pp el84 and roksan ss. currently own vintage tannoys and lowther but looking to simplify my setup. love the tannoys but missus not too keen on them. rega analog and cd as sources, thx
Coincident. I'm using 5 with my theater and another pair with my tube set-up (7watts to 100watts depending on the amps).
At $1000, it will be hard to beat a Tannoy. What one are you using?
I'll second Coincident, but can't think of any that you'll likely find for $1k. Superb speakers with SET (I also used 8 watt 300B's for a while), and also work brilliantly with the SS Modwright KWA 150 I'm currently using. What I found in comparing the two is that the SET amps had a much harder time pushing the pair of large bass drivers so the low end was lacking with SET, but still, the sound overall was outstanding. Your choice is going to be driven by that lower 8-watt SET requirement you listed since you'll really need efficient speakers with a relatively flat response to succeed there. Another good choice would be the long out-of-production Galante speakers, which you could find in your price range. Those work well placed back towards corners or the back wall. Very nice, and similar to Tannoy in some respects. The Galante's use a single concentric driver (which I believe is still in production). There were two models, The smaller Rhapsody and the larger Buckingham. I had the Rhapsody which would be good for small to medium sized rooms, while the Buckingham would serve medium to larger rooms better. Vintage Klipsch Heritage speakers would be a good bet, especially with some custom tweaking, but if your wife doesn't like TannoysI'm betting a Cornwall is not going to get by her either. Other options which I have limited or no exposure to, but have good reputations - Reference 3a DiCapo, and Omega single driver speakers
Look for a used pair of Cain & Cain Abbys (or super Abbys).
Coincident Conquests run $500-750. Triumphs are less if you don't mind stand mounted.
I have Tannoy Devons but they are ugly (according to 'er indoors), something similar soundwise would work, could also stretch to 2k. thx
Most affordable Tannoy are ugly, jax2's suggestion about Galante seems appropriate as I have heard they sound similar to Tannoy. I think that they use a Radian driver.
jax2's suggestion about Galante seems appropriate as I have heard they sound similar to Tannoy. I think that they use a Radian driver.

Yes, they do use Radian drivers, 4est. There's currently a Galante Symphony (between Rhapsody and Buckingham) for sale on A'gon here. I have no association with the seller and cannot vouch for the pair, but it will give you some idea of what they look like. Good price too.

Elevick - I wasn't aware of the less expensive offerings - thanks for pointing them out. I have no experience with Blume's monitor speakers so couldn't speak for them. The floorstanders are great.