$1k speakers / Audio Refinement Complete

Help! I live in remote North Idaho and am hours from even a Circuit City! I've purchased an Audio Refinement Complete integrated and need speakers new or used. From Bach to Coltrane to Aretha to Emmylou, I love music. Cerebral cello, sizzling jazz cymbal, funk bass, Strad, flat pickin', Pavarotti, and Sarah Vaughn-I love it all. I can spend up to $1k on speakers-no more. I would be deeply indebted for any expert advice, especially regarding what I might find used online. Thanks in advance.

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Idaho: There is a review of the Audio Refinement Integrated amp at soundstage.com. Click on "equipment reviews" at the top of the page and then click on "archives". The review recommends speakers as well, some of which are mentioned in this thread. It sounds like an interesting amplifier, both musical and reasonably priced.