$1k preamp for McCormack DNA-125 recommendations?

I'm looking to get a nicer preamp to pair with my McCormack DNA-125. I'm looking to spend $1k or less for a new or used unit. I have no set preference for tubes or ss, and the pair would be driving my Ohm Walsh Super 2's (awesome speakers!). So far my short list includes:

- Mapletree Audio Line 2A SE or Ultra 4 SE
- Rogue Audio 66 or 99
- Manley Shrimp
- McCormack RLD-1

Are there any others that I should seriously consider? My current plan is to feed a Squeezebox & cd player to a Channel Islands VDA2 w/ VAC PSU - but if there's a better integrated preamp/dac that falls under the $2k mark I'd be interesed in hearing about those as well.

Thanks in advance!
Hi, if you can get a TLC-1, then you're made :-) Of course it is still a matter of personal taste. FYI - the TLC-1 is a "buffered" passive preamp.

For about a week i auditioned the DNA-125 and TLC-1 combo and they seemed perfectly made for each other. I think the TLC-1 is a fine preamp...but i had to let go the combo after a week because the DNA-125 can't drive my Sonus Faber the way a Krell does.

But try the TLC-1: you'll probably have better synergy with this one than with another brand.

Also, you may want to try the "an all-around preamp" (my workhorse) - the Sonic Frontiers SFL-2.

Best wishes,
Thanks for the suggestions. I'm strongly considering going the passive route at this point, but my mind isn't made up yet. I'm also considering picking up a Promitheus Audio TVC.
For what its worth I've been using a Promitheus Ref 4 with my DNA-1 monoblocks for about a year. It is a very satisfactory pairing to my ears and is well within your budget. It is much, much, better than the TLC-1 and Endler attenuators I used previously. I have not heard the C-core model, but that would also be comfortably below your $2K limit.
The Parasound PLD 1100 works well and one just popped up.