$1k, new, power amp, 100w or less, what do you say

I am looking for a new power amp. No more than 100w, no less than 30. Tube, ss, class d, mono-blocks, whatever. I have a home brew 12au7 based pre-amp, home built speakers most like Oskar Heil Aulos, HK CD player w/ Scott Nixon dac. Listen to classical and Jazz. Would I like to have Krell monoblocks or Rowland Research?, Yes. Can I afford them?, no. I know this is not a lot of money for high end audio, but it is all I can spend at this time. Please advise. Thanks.
A used Rotel RB-1080 (200 w/ch) can be had for $650. A highly regarded amp for the money. A less-powered RB-1070 (130 w/ch) can be had for $500.
or a McCormack DNA 0.5 for around $600.
What are the speakers efficiency rating?
My speakers are rated at 89db/one watt. Is there a brand new power amp for $1k worth having?
A Rotel 991 or 1080 is what I'd buy. The 991 is basically the same amp. A used Conrad Johnson Sonographe can also be a good choice.

You may as well buy used as these amps I mention above aren't very old at all and will retain their value much better than any new piece of gear. Most people take very good care of their equipment and it is typically in nice condition.
If you like a classic tube sound, warm, sweet and airy. Conrad Johnson MV55 its one of the best in your price range. It sells used for around $850. 50watts x channel.
Another good deal will be Sonic Frontiers SFS40 o SFS50, The sound is colder than the CJ but its a very good amplifier. Around $700 used.
Then the Onix SP-3, its a new kid in the block with a lot of good reviews. 38 Watts. Around $650 used and I think around 1000 new.
And finally my real guess, I think you will love the TAD-60, you can buy it new at $899 here on agon(not now, sometines), normally it sells new at 1299 but sometimes you can see it at 899 in agon and in his website. It has a lot of features. 60watts.Ultralinear and triode switch. Here you can see it. Reviews praised it.


Happy quest
Thanks for the information everyone. Happy listening.
Mccormack,conrad johnson,,,or cj-sonographe