~$1k Monitors...So Many Choices...

I've got my short list down to Triangle Titus, Dynaudio Audience 40 or 50, Acoustic Energy AE1, Soliloquy 5.0, and Dunlavy SC-I. I now have a pair of AE Aegis 1 and I want to really improve the sound; not just a small step up. Let me know what you think about these speakers and if I've missed anything from my short list. Thanks.

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The Reynaud Twin MkII really is outstanding. It won the under-$750 shootout in Listener mag in the previous issue. You say you want detail and the ability of the speakers to disappear. The Twin will deliver big time, and particularly has an organic, musical quality that is hard to beat. Break-in will substantially improve the sound at upwards of 100 hours, so be careful of that. Try jm-reynaud.com. The Soliloquy 5.0 is excellent, got a rave from Wes Phillips last month on his new site, onhifi.com. Versus the Reynaud, it may be listener preference. The Triangle Titus is a little guy--the Zephyr II, 2-way floorstander, is about $1000. You've probably seen Sam Tellig's review of the Triangle lineup from last spring. I would bet on the Sim I-5080, which I have in second system, a great amp, waxes the under-$1000 amps. Also, Audion (ossaudio.com, the Reynaud importer) has the ETSE amp, single ended, one EL34 per channel, a ballsy 12 wpc, $1100 with a gain control. It's a serious good tube amp. If you want to chat, I'm at [email protected]