~$1k Monitors...So Many Choices...

I've got my short list down to Triangle Titus, Dynaudio Audience 40 or 50, Acoustic Energy AE1, Soliloquy 5.0, and Dunlavy SC-I. I now have a pair of AE Aegis 1 and I want to really improve the sound; not just a small step up. Let me know what you think about these speakers and if I've missed anything from my short list. Thanks.
Please let us know what you have for source, preamp, and power amp. Knowing the cables you prefer would also be beneficial. And, your taste in music will have more than a coincidental bearing on what you should do.
I have an AR Complete amp and I just got a Sim Audio I-5080(not heard yet but am leaning towrd it as the ARC is too laidback for me), so it will be one of the two. For CDP I have a Rotel 971 and I have a Magnum FT-11 tuner. I use AP Oval 12 Speaker cable and AudioQuest Topaz interconnects. My room is aobut 16'x15' and I listen to jazz, classical, and some rock. I had the Dunlavy SC-I speakers before and was very impressed. I really desire detail and the ability of the speakers to disappear; I can live without the lowest bass. Thanks.
Two monitors come to mind: Coincident Triumph Signature for $1095 and the JM Reynaud Twin Mk II for $750. Figuy uses the JMR Twins with the AR Complete and he loves them. Check these out.
Triangle, really exedes in detail, however, check the ACI Sapphire III, and you won't be disapointed.
Welcome back Mailman. Shelton's two picks are the ones that I will also be auditioning for use in a small SET system. They are both around 90db efficient with a nice stable load (which is always nice) and they are supposed to sound good as well. I checked out the Soliloquy's and decided against them after the second audition. They sound really good but I want something more musical (my version of it anyway). Linn has released their replacement for the Tukan which you may want to check out if you can.
I think you should opt for either the Triangle or the Dynaudio. From the looks of your equipment, I would say you have a laid back system. If you prefer it to stay that way, go Dynaudio. If you want to step up the tempo a bit, go for Triangle. Triangle really opens the sound of everything up. Seems like the more we know about speakers, we soon become surprised by how good a speaker can sound when it breaks all of the rules.
How do you think your suggestions compare to the Dunlavy SC-I's? They are the only reference I have in the price range. I don't think it would be fair to compair the Triangles, ACI, JMR, etc. to the Aegis.
Where is Triangle available in the U.S., does anybody know?
Miailman, check on the www.audioreview.com, and you may find some useful information, about all of the speakers you are interested in. That was my start, when i was looking for the upgrade! Good Luck!
Yes the reviews at audioreview are helpful, but only to a point. The reviews tend to be very subjective and many times written by HT users. Also I have found that the crowd here is much more discerning than the stereoreview crowd. Don't get me wrong I love stereoreview; I just prefer this site and AA for personal advice.
The Reynaud Twin MkII really is outstanding. It won the under-$750 shootout in Listener mag in the previous issue. You say you want detail and the ability of the speakers to disappear. The Twin will deliver big time, and particularly has an organic, musical quality that is hard to beat. Break-in will substantially improve the sound at upwards of 100 hours, so be careful of that. Try jm-reynaud.com. The Soliloquy 5.0 is excellent, got a rave from Wes Phillips last month on his new site, onhifi.com. Versus the Reynaud, it may be listener preference. The Triangle Titus is a little guy--the Zephyr II, 2-way floorstander, is about $1000. You've probably seen Sam Tellig's review of the Triangle lineup from last spring. I would bet on the Sim I-5080, which I have in second system, a great amp, waxes the under-$1000 amps. Also, Audion (ossaudio.com, the Reynaud importer) has the ETSE amp, single ended, one EL34 per channel, a ballsy 12 wpc, $1100 with a gain control. It's a serious good tube amp. If you want to chat, I'm at [email protected]
I have the Reynaud Twin MK2's and they are absolutely staggering! I owned a pair of B&W CDM1's prior to this and it's no comparison, these speakers are so good it about makes you cry. The above poster who mentions the 100 hour break in is correct but they totally transform after 200 hours, like an about face, as if they are a totally different speaker. They are the most emotionally involving dynamic speaker I have ever heard. I tell you I'm nearly giddy with excitement. Musical, tonally bananced, natural, lively, etc etc but these things are so amazingly dynamic. They convey soft and loud sounds so convincingly well and resolve like no monitor near it's price. They start out warm and sweet but evolve into magical beasts with a sound so engulfing and involving. I'm telling you, you have to try these out. Letting them break in is crucial. Oh, boy...