$1k Integrated SS for B&W DM630i

I bought a pair of B&W DM630i in 1995. I spent weeks going to various stores in NYC, listening and these were by far my favorite for my budget. Originally, I used a Lafayette receiver and was very happy with performance. I then inherited a Onkyo which I never really liked and it recently passed into the recycle bin.
I always thought I would wind up with a NAD. Over Memorial Day a friend bought a NAD C375BEE. It was such an improvement for his system! So I went to the same store and told them I needed to compete with him. The store recommended a 15yr old Bryston B60 (Interconnects upgraded, no remote)
The Bryston would take most of my $1k budget. As I also need a wireless DAC (NAD DAC-1 or Audio Engine or Cambridge), I am considering a used NAD C370 or if possible a C37*.
My buddy's C375 drives his huge JBLs with a seemingly endless reserve of power. I don't listen as loud as he does, but when people come over, it is nice to be able to crank it up.
The B60 is very much my style. Small, clean, few knobs or 'tweaks' and at 100w @ 4ohms, seemingly would pair quite nicely with my speakers.
But the frugal part of me thinks that a C370 would bring me a very similar experience, for half the price.
I have always described my musical preference as "Clean". I prefer Fender to Marshall, single coil pickups to dual, jazz over metal, but what I really enjoy is what I believe the term "soundstage" implies. That experience, that when you close your eyes, the music is live in front of you...
I am curious to try the B60, but wonder if I will be happy with 100w when the C375BEE is more powerful? I don't know the specs on my buddy's JBLs, but that amp pumps them pretty good...
Im a fan of NAD integrated amps. I have owned a few including some recent ones. Although I have upgraded, I still believe the NADs offer great value for money, Im not alone. IMO, I would opt for the NAD. Another option is Cambridge which I have not owned. Or Musical Fidelity 100 watt integrated-has phono, and 2 tubes. You can find them used in the same price range. I would also recommend buying used to save money.
Look for a used deal on the Musical Fidelity A3.

I run the A5 with my B&W bookies and there is great synergy in the sound.
Couldn't find a C370 that I wanted. The Musical Fidelity A3 was an interesting piece that I looked for. But then I was able to find a B60R for a really great price on *bay, so I jumped on it.
It was the one I really wanted. Don't think I will see it for a week, but I'll report once I get it.
Congratulations on your purchase. I'm sure you'll be happy with that.

Just to add to the thread anyway, I heard a Marantz PM8004 (70 wpc, $999 new) powering a pair of $12,500 Sonus Faber Cremona Ms and the sound was stupendous. You'd never guess it was a mass-produced integrated supplying the juice. Midrange was transparent, treble was silky, and the bass was clean, fast, and extended.

The Absolute Sound made the Marantz a 2012 Product of the Year and they made a similar tonal assessment. I didn't read the review before I listened to the rig. I was there to audition the Cremona Ms. For a $1K integrated to make magic with $12K speakers was not what I expected.
Your friends JBL's are very different speakers, comparing amplifiers with such different speakers is a waste of time. I'd suggest you consider Classe' amplification with your B&W's.
B60R arrived today. Seller left power cord out, so I went to local hifi place, got a simple cord and Audioengine D2 to audition. Also bought some 14 AWG at Home Depot, as I have decided to place amp about 10' from speakers, closer to listening area.
D2 is simple for PC. Plug & Play.
I took the spikes out of the B&Ws. They are single wired to lower posts.
So far cannot get amp past 1 o'clock with DAC. Working thru music collection.
Like it so far!
Im sure the B60R sounds great.
It does. It pleases me audibly and ascetically.

One question I have: I cannot get Volume past 1 o'clock without the sound becoming unpleasant. Is that what audiophiles mean by 'fatigue'?