$1K CD Player for Amp w/ truly balanced inputs

I have a Classe CAP101 Integrated Amp
Warm sound, strong well timed bass.
Have Sonus Faber Concertino Speakers and PSB Sub.
What is a good CD or DVD player for about 1000-1200 that prefably has HDCD and Balanced Outputs and has good treble extension, Midrange that has presence and a pacey bass with good midbass impact?
Also is taking advantage of the Balanced inputs really worth limiting my choices in finding a CD player that meets the above?
Thanks for your time and input.
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I am not sure, but perhaps Rotel offers a model that meets your requirements.
Suggest you check out the Adcom GCD-750 CD player. It usually goes for around $700 used but is quite good.
Happy listening!
Sony XA7ES - their former $3000 top of the line can be had for $1k or so. Truly differential balanced outs.

The price of a balanced version Theta Miles has recently dropped to the $900-1000 range. It is a very good CD player for that kind of money. Of course, like the Sony mentioned, the Miles is a few years old now, BUT, it is a very good company and service/parts should be available for a long time (the transport mech is the Pioneer Stable Platter-Excellent, and redily available).

I really enjoyed the Miles when I owned it. I have replaced it with a Resolution Audio Opus 21, which is significantly better, but you'll spend at least $2200-2800 for a used one.


Agree that the Theta Miles (balanced version) is one of the best choices in this price range.
Ill 2nd the Adcom GCD 750, you can get a mint condition used player for $700 easy. This is truely a great player, and there are alot of mods for it too.