1cdp/ 1 int. amp/ 1 outlet....

I live on the top floor (third) of a 30 yr. old apt. bldg. It`s construction is of steel reinforced concrete. I gather that`s a good thing.

How can I get clean power to my cdp and amp for under $500 "used" sharing one outlet?

Your help will be greatly appreciated.
1) Get an audiophile Power Line Conditioner (PLC).

2) If too expensive and/or speakers don't need too much current, get a audiophile power strip. Note, I did not say a computer surge strip. Something like a Brick Wall PW2R15AUD, which also provides top notch surge protection.

Good luck!
You can get a Hydra 2 for $300. $50 for a nice wall outlet: FIM or PS Audio. $150 on a best used 20amp powercord that you could find here on Audiogon.
Thanks Beavis and Nick. I`ll research those two items.
PS Audio Ultimate Outlet is something to look at as well.
Yioryos, I`m new at this so forgive my ignorance. Can the cdp and 40w int. amp both be plugged into this unit without sound degradation, or do I need two AUO`s, one for each? I guess my question relates to other line conditioners as well.
A good PLC will have several duplexes (pairs of plugs). The duplexes should be isolated from each other. In many cases the manufacturer will specify one or more for digital and one or more for high current like power amps.

But at the very least plug the CDP and the amp into separate duplexes. As you may have gathered by now, digital devices tend to throw noise into the rest of the system if not isolated. After you get the PLC up, your next move is to put a specialized cable on the CDP to increase the isolation.

BTW I highly recommend the BPT power products
If you want simplicity, value, and great sound do yourself a favor and try out a Wiremold powerstrip. It does no harm and it's so well made with no junk on it that in my opinion it outpreforms many power conditioners, some of which do more harm than good. For about $60, it's worth at least trying, you may find that you love it. Happy listening!

Much thanks, I`ll look into it.