"1997 Vintage" REL Powered Subwoofer started making loud humming

Hello all,

I have had a Stadium II REL powered subwoofer in my home theater system since I bought it new in 1997. Over the past weekend, with absolutely no changes to my system, it started making a really awful humming noise which has gotten worse over the past several days. It's unplugged now.

I took the input cable off, no change. Cycled the power several times, and also ran a extension cord from another plug to it including a new power cable, same noise. Any ideas? I was thinking it was aging issue with perhaps cracked/dried capacitors(?). I have contacted the factory to see what they say. Any thoughts to cause? Is this something you would attempt to repair, or move on to new?

Thanks in advance,
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20 years is a very long time quite impressive. The amp at the least probably needs to be recapped that could solve the problem. You may also want to get it generally reconditioned if REL offers that sort of service.
Thanks for the reply. Waiting to hear back from them (REL) to see what they think is going on and weigh the repair options if they offer any. Thanks again
Ive owned REL since their basic entry into the US market,although the stadium wasnt my fav in their line up at the time.Of course it depends on repair cost but their newer subs far surpass the 90s lineup..other makers out there which in my mind are better than what you currently have as well,so see what it cost then weigh your options.
Decided to replace the old Stadium II with the new S/3 SHO. Thanks, Sam