1993 Rega Elicit Intagrated Amp MM/MC settings

Not sure if this is the right place or the analog forum is but there are more chances to find somebody that is familiar with the 1993 Rega Elicit Integrated Amp in this forum...

I have the 1993 Rega Elicit Integrated Amp.
Recently I bought an MC cartridge for the first time.
My Amp is currently set for MM cartridge.
In the attached picture you can see that all 4 MM/MC switches are set outwards (to my right when I sit in front of the elicit) in both right and left channels.
My question is this:
In order to switch to MC mode, Do I need to set all 4 to the other side ?
I just got a reply from Rega customer support and all 4 switches need to be set the other way in order to use MC cartridge.
By the way...Rega customer support are the best I ever met.
I use them for 25 years now and they are always kind and willing to help...
Wondering how your Elicit would sound compared to the new version.. I have two Miras, the Mira and the Mira 3, plus I had the old version of the Brio... you can only use MM on those units.
That's a good question. The old elicit was a more powerful elex + a double power supply + a fancy front panel.
Elex and Elicit shared the same board. The elex missed the power supply components for one of the channels so the one on the other channel used to feed both channels. The elex also had smaller power transistors.
Having said that, I go back to your question, Xiekitchen, and wonder if reverting to just one teriod transformer in the newer elicit was an act of cost reduction or an act of better design.
My 1993 elicit is a technological masterpiece.
I can't think of anything in that price that would give me the 3D sound imaging, the details and the warmth I get from my good old elicit.
Wow sounds like I would like a 1993 Elicit! Don't see those for sale too often if ever.
I am sorry to curb the enthusiasm but I owned the 1993 Elicit and it was one of the worst amplifiers I have ever auditioned. The sound was compressed, grey, severely lacking in macro dynamics, and, to boot, the input switching circuit had a bug - when selecting CD, the phono stage was not disconnected and the hiss from the phono stage was mixed with the CD input (of course, if was set to MC, the problem was worse).

The odd thing is that it did sound very good with Vinyl, and it had a really good phono stage. If you listen exclusively to analog, then it's worth seeking. I would even suggest to buy one and use it as a phono stage, although I admit I am not sure it had a tape output or pre-amp output - you will have to check this out. But for CD or any line level source, it sounded awful. Even the old Brio (which was much, much cheaper) sounded better than the Elicit.