1988 Sound Labs electrostatic model A3 pair

My aunt has a pair of these. She has asked me to find out how much they're worth. Shes considering selling them to the right buyer. She also has a big black speaker tower called The Ultimate circa the same age. Looks simular to the A3's only larger. I have pictures of all three. I can email or text them to you.

Thanks for your help. I just joined the site today. :)

It could vary depending on location, but I guess somewhere in low hundreds if in good condition.
Jeff, you are welcome to call me for info. I have been a Sound Lab dealer for several years, located in the Chicago area.
Jeff give Brian a call it would be well worth the conversation you will have with him and give you some insight about the models you have.
If your aunt is wanting to sell these, I'm interested!


Seattle WA

Still have these?