1958 Magnavox "stereo" hi fi

hi all, in 1980 I was given a Magnavox hi fi system. I'm trying to decide whether I want to restore it or sell it. I just moved into a tiny apt and ea speakers is 22" wide and 20" deep and I won't be able to turn up the volume, so I'm more included to sell it.
Does anyone know how much I might get for it?I have pictures but can someone tell me how to upload them to the site?
You can't directly upload pics you can upload them to a hosting site, I like Imgur. Also you said system but just mention speakers is there more?
One cabinet is only for record storage, the top lifts up on hinges and it will stay in an upright position. The other cabinet is on wheels and it houses a turntable and a radio, of course the tubes are under this one.  Each speaker has a 15" bass speaker, a 7" mid-range, and a 5" tweeter.. will try post pictures I've done it without an icon
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If it works well, it might sell.  However, shipping those things is a nightmare.  Many times, people strip the amps out and sell just them.  My opinion on the speakers is pretty negative. Hook it up with more modern speakers and hear the difference.
I would not spend money to fix it up.  Finally, just because the speakers are large doesn't mean that it will play loudly and annoy the neighbors.  You've got 10 watts if you are lucky.
ha I have no intention of trying to ship it, I can barely tip up the cabinet  that houses the turntable and radio, it must weighs more than 80lbs. I think the pamplett says 180 watts and I run it on my 1975 Pioneer.. Anything smaller and there's no volume. The tubes are burnt out so I've simply used it for the old speakers, I have no idea if the turntable of radio work.  still have figured out how to upload pics
If you have a pamphlet, it has a model name, or series. There must be links on the net. You can post a link to that in your post, it would be fun to see what you have.

You could search Magnavox Consoles 1958 ...


Link to Magnavox Images


You might find there is a Magnavox fan club with very knowledgeable members. This is an example


i.e. this is the one I inherited in 1973, made in 1958


I like Magnavox’s separate speaker enclosures better than fixed like the fisher

I stripped the parts, toasted my uncle while roasting the wood in my fireplace. Still use the tube mono-blocks and transferred the speaker drivers into new cabinets. IF you had HORN mid and tweeters, they are worth more,

this is the turntable but interesting enough, there is no model number listed in the accompanying manual and I can't find an imaged online.  This is the turntable:
sooo, hidden away in all the info were two sales receipts with two differrent model numbers. The original owner, a friend's father, had sales men stopping by his shop all the time and he would sell and display new, high quality things like this. There are two model numbers on two different items, both purchased on 12-31-58. model number S-35 only says speaker $99.50 and the one that I'm fairly certain is this $299.50, model  # ISP275F Magnavox Audio phono, it even has the serial number which I will check later.