1955-2001 Favorite Top Ten Rock Groups

To get a better feel for the types of people on this site, IYHO, what are your favorite rock artists top tenwise. I just like to know.
Just for the purpose of sucking up---Why, The Beatles fr'shure!!! Zep. is right up there also with Eagles & Elton. Trivia time: The first artist to sell 10 mil albums?
Jethro Tull, Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, Frank Zappa, Blue Rodeo, The Tragically Hip, Steely Dan, Dire Straits, Metallica, Rage Against The Machine
Genesis, Talking Heads, Isley Brothers, Dream Theater, The Tragically Hip (definitely second that one), Joe Satriani, Counting Crows, Jane's Addiction, Tool and (of course) the Beatles :-)
The Beatles,Floyd,Led Zep,Petty,Young,Hoople,Doors,Moody Blues,REO,Queen... thats 11 I could go on and on as I have no "fav"
grateful dead, who, rolling stones, black sabbath, zeppelin, allman bros band, ac/dc, metallica (before they sold out), phish, U2 btw: the beatles are NOT r&r. R&R needs to jam, the beatles never jammed. they wrote great songs, but a R&R band must have live energy--apple rooftop doesn't cut it.
Stones, Little Feat, Beatles, Steely Dan, Led Zeppelin. Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn, Clapton, Doobies & Allman Brothers. Tough call....
Def Leppard, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Van Halen, The Rolling Stones, Jimi Hendrix, U2, Boston, Kiss, and The Eagles....in that order (Journey would be a very close #11 for me, Pink Floyd #12, The Police #13, Deep Purple #14, The Moody Blues would be #15...Blue Oyster Cult might be 16. CCR, ELO, Pearl Jam, Nirvana, and Collective Soul might round out the top 21, for me).............................Those are the top 10 as I like them, PERSONALLY. As far as who I think FUTURE HISTORY will regard as "best", that'll likely be a toss up between The Stones and The Who, with Zeppelin and Floyd right behind. The Beatles were British Pop IMO, but I suppose history will always think of them as #2 regarding sales.....right behind Garth Brooks that is!.........heh heh heh heh!!!!
And Guns 'n' Roses would be #22, and Ratt #23, for me anyhow.
The Who, Captain Beefheart & His Magic Band, Frank Zappa, The Doors, The Guess Who, Everclear, Foghat, Mott The Hoople, The Move and The Ramones
Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, CCR, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Rainbow (up to their 5th album), UFO (with Micheal Schenker), The Who, Queen, Rush, and as mandatory skeletons in the closet to finish the list, KISS (wanna get cheesier than that? How'bat Blondie?). If progressive or art rock counts, then add Pink Floyd, ELP, and King Crimson to replace the last three. Too bad that there ain't any band in my generation comparable (as cheesy or musically interesting) to the aforementioned. A lot of great athleticism on the fret, though..
Avguygeorge That wouldn't be Michael Jackson would it for "Thriller" in '83? Or are you talking combined? "Frampton Comes Alive" sold a bunch in the mid 70's maybe him?
For the record: Yardbirds(all incarnations) Rolling Stones Buddy Holly Yes Beach Boys Tears for Fears Steely Dan Dream Syndicate Neil Young/Buffalo Springfield Jimi Hendrix The first three I need a daily fix. KThomas, I loved the early Isley's stuff Shout/Twist and Shout, did they ever make other songs like that??Mark2954,which incarnation of Clapton or all of his work? Have not thought about Moot the Hoople in a while, I forgot but who was their lead guitarist? I have not heard of Blue Rodeo or Tragically Hip, what are they like? Thanks so far the input
Queen,Led Zeppelin,Deep Purple,Grand Funk,Rare Earth,Black Sabbath,Lynnyrd Skinnyrd,Styx,Boston,Jimmi Hendryx.
Shubertmaniac - I like the Isley's variety, at any given time and over the course of their career. Everything from sexy love songs to seriously jammin' electric guitar. They recently released a 3-CD compilation that works chronologically through the past 40 years and is an excellent overview. Their sound changed with the times quite a bit from their earliest stuff, but considering how long their career is, it is surprising that there aren't longer stretches of time where they were "off".
(1) beatles; (2) grateful dead; (3) dylan; (4) bruce; (5) csn&y; (6) paul simon; (7) eagles; (8) dire straits; (9) who; (10) stones.
Cream/Blind Faith, Traffic, Led Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, Greatful Dead, Who, Pink Floyd, Allman Brothers, Nirvana.
Partrige Family, Sonny and Cher, Animals, Jackson Five, Rolling Stones, Monkees, Grass Roots, Beach Boys, Donnie and Marrie, Elvis.
The Bea-uls (Immortals), Beach Boys (1st Favorite), Greatful Dead (Hip concert memories), Doors(Morrison was one of a kind, performer and lyricist), Led Zepplin (Greatest Rock Band), Frank Zappa (most eclectic artist), Hendrix (our generation's greatest musician), Yardbirds (1st great white rock/blues group), The Boss (cause he gives his ALL)and a bunch more but only 10, right? bty anyone remember New Riders of the Purple Sage?
I only gave nine and 10 is The Who (Thanks for the energy)
Allman Brothers Band, Led Zeppelin, The Who, Steely Dan, The Yardbirds, The Sex Pistols, The Clash, The Smiths, The Cure, The Doors.
Steve Miller Band, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Allman Brothers, ZZ Top (1st 6 albums only,) Yes, Who, Moody Blues, Pink Floyd, Atlanta Rhythym Section, Stones, Doobies, Dire Straights. (Not in any particular order, and I realize my math is poor.) Charlie Will, definitely remember the New Riders. Saw them live in the late 70's. They were great and one of the few bands that had some hilarious banter in between songs. Kind of a cross between John Wayne and Cheech & Chong.(?) [:)]
May not come up with 10: (1) CCR (2) ZZ Top (3) George Thorogood & Delaware Destroyers (4) Chuck Berry (5) Buddy Holly & Crickets (6) Elvis (7) Fabulous Thunderbirds (8) Melissa Etheridge (9) Everly Brothers (10) Cowboy Junkies-- has anyone ever tried to categorize the Junkies music? Craig.
I would venture to guess that it was Fleetwood Mac, Rumors, that might have sold over 10 mil. copies. Or, was it Pink Floyd with Dark Side of The Moon??
Thanks Craig, I forgot ZZ Top!!! That throws my list all outta whack!!!
All good picks. Nobody included Jefferson Airplane! Saw a genre compilation CD the other day - don't remember the particulars, but included New Riders of the Purple Sage doing Panama Red?
The commercial is over and the ans. to the question: Johnny Mathias; greatest hits.Thriller did over 40 mil,just not first to 10mil, but the record. DSOM holds- longest time continously listed in the top 200; over 10 years.(imagine that)I didn't give enough thought to my list and left out Pink Floyd,and Neil.I don't care for anything before DSOM,but EVERYTHING since. More triv.Barbara holds the record for most cont.LP releases with over 500,000 sales-I think that is her whole catalog Source:Billboard mag&from Casey Casem's radio show. All this and 25 cents should get me enough for a local call.Thanks,Shub.-Great thread,sorry for intruding a bit
Dave Clark Five - Bodeans - Buffalo Springfield - CSN&Y - Beatles - Grand Funk Railroad - BS&T - Guess Who - Dino, Desi & Billy - Byrds - Doors - Marshall Tucker.....
Beatles(yup they did rock too 'though not much),Led Zeppelin,The Doors,The Smiths,Pink Floyd,Radiohead,Steely Dan,The Who,Rolling Stones....otherwise mm we're into songwriters Springsteen,Dylan et al. The category is open to discussion as what's in or out. By the way you spell Zeppelin as above that's driving me nuts IT'S ON THE COVERS OF THE ALBUMS!!!!!!!!AAAAAAAAAARRRRRRGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. :-0
Clan of Xymox, Cocteau Twins, Tom Petty, Joan Jett, Collective Soul, Joy Division, Sisters of Mercy, AC/DC, Kiss, Nirvana
KThomas. Thanks for the info on the Isleys'.Is there a one cd compilation of their early songs?? The Yardbirds did a really rockin' rave up of she's so respectable, so hopefully I could compare. Which version of twist and shout do you prefer:Isleys' or the Beatles?
Dr. Hook, Boyce and Hart, Chocolate Watchband, Electric Prunes, The Seeds, 13th Floor Elevator, Paul Revere and the Raiders, Flo and Eddie, Turtles, Sly and The Family Stone, Zaager and Evans, Jan and Dean, Country Joe and the Fish, Rick Springfield, Kinky Freidman, Strawberry Alarm Clock, Spice Girls, Prince, Sgt. Barry Sadler, Link Wray, Pat Boone, Gary Puckett and the Union Gap, Starlight Vocal Band, Bee Gees, Survivor, Spanky and Our Gang, Archies, Garland Jeffries, and Up With People.
Hi Charlie so you remember. That is also what I remembered about them. They were an excellent touring band and fun as well. Kind of looked like they had been in the saddle for a month or so after a long hard ride. If John Dawson wasn't a quintessential hippy type, I can't imagine who would better fit the bill (maybe Jerry Garcia?) Sory for the misspeling SD!
Sory for the rong name Ben
Treja. I noticed that you are the only other Yardbirdie on this thread. Have you heard their "new" release?? Cumulus Cloud. It is unreleased material from 1967/1968,their last/lost year. It is material that Jimmy Page did not want released, for reasons that become apparent once you listen. I guess he finally relented, since had legal the rights to the Yardbirds name/some of the music. The final line-up was Jimmy Page/lead, Chris Dreja/bass, Jim McCarty/drums and Keith Relf/vocals and harmonica. The album is a mix of studio and live. An awesome "I'm a Man" live from a German concert;this is were Jimmy starts to use the bow to play the guitar. This was not a Led Zep invention! But the final song of this album(recorded in June 1968) was none other than "Dazed and Confused"!! Jim McCarty heard the Youngbloods' in concert and loved one of there songs called Dazed; Jim and Keith wrote new lyrics; changed the title, Jimmy added the bow and the searing guitar licks, with Keith blowing his harmonica; the vocals will set you back alittle Keith doesn't have the lungs of Robert Plant that is for sure. For a two take studio session, it will startle you on what they could accomplish. Jim and Keith soon left; Jimmy asked Chris if he wanted to stay on. Chris said no. Jimmy wanted to form the New Yardbirds, but decided on the new name Led Zeppelin.
Shubermaniac, thanks for the interesting info. I am wondering who got the credits for "Dazed and Confused" for the first Zep album. Since I do not have that with me, anybody who does? Was that exactly same in tune and/or lyric? Or, did Zep diddle a little with it?
Anthrax,Korn,Iron Maiden,Marilyn Manson, Megadeth, Metallica, Ozzy, Pantera, Sepultura,Slayer
Have not heard this piece yet Shubertmaniac. Your musical knowledge is more than impressive to say the least. I did get a $100 gift certificate at Tower Records for Christmas, so that one may make it onto the final cut. Thanks for the informative discussion!
Cogito-Zep were pretty blatant in their early days for taking old blues standards changing little and crediting themselves. Willie Dixon in particular suffered and eventually Zep paid out royalties in the late 80's I believe. Dazed & Confused I believe(can't check at the moment)is credited to Page/Plant/Jones although the song was a feature of the Yardbird days. I believe it is similar but different enough to maybe get away with it. Likewise songs such as In My Time Of Dying was a standard (Dylan did it on his first album) but completely rearranged in epic style. The Yardbirds connection continued throughout their career-with tracks such as White Summer(Page instrumental) and on their final European tour in '80 they used to start with The Train Kept A Rollin'-the first song they ever did as a band and a Yardbirds standard
Pink Floyd, Moody Blues, Eric Johnson, Jethro Tull, Crosby Stills & Nash, Dixie Dregs, Alan Parsons Project, Midnight Oil, Pat Methany group, oh and the Beatles
This is about as varied as favorite audio gear, and as eclectic, and that's good. Just a nod to Jeffloistorca and Kthomas,T-HIP not only make great records but are a real treat live. Am I blind or is Van Morrison not mentioned above?
Trelja: My mistake the Jack Holmes'Youngblood song was I'm Confused, not I'm Dazed, sorry. How did I get so much info on the Yardbirds, easy I read the very extensive liner notes on their CDs. Jim McCarty usually gives a little interview on many of the recent compilations. God there are some Yardbirdies that know everything, what dates for every concert, who they dated, etc. I'm somewhere in the lower middle. Also there is an official Yardbirds website with a great interview with Jim McCarty. I will say this, Sometime in 1966 I saw them as the opening act for the Rolling Stones(don't get me wrong, I love them too). The line up was JBeck JPage as co lead guitars, C. Dreja, moved to bass, JMcCarty Drums, and KRelf vocals and harmonica. The anticipation that night was electric because for most of us none had seen either group From their opening chord to the final note was guitar fireworks with maximum intensity. An almost uncontrolled chaotic cacophony had taken hold of them that night. At my show, they did two encores we wanted more. The blues call/respond of Relf's harmonica and the guitars was stunning. The Rolling Stones came on, they started to play one of their standards and it was like a collective sigh, like a bubble had burst. It was not that they were that bad, not at all! The Yarbirds were that good live. In retrospect Richards and Jones just could not keep up with Beck and Page. But who could???? The live set on Cumulus Cloud gives a good vision what this group was capable of; minus J Beck. Happenings Ten Years is great; and their standard I'm a Man is a 6 minute guitar/psychodelic improv. You can preview the album on CDNow at their website. Is it worth buying for the four live songs and their version of dazed and confused?? I've played the cd for two weeks straight but according to some people I'm braindead so what do I know.
Ben Campbell: I recollect at a benefit concert in 1983/4? E Clapton, J Beck, J Page were somehow on stage together, and of course the song they could all agree on was The Train Kept A Rollin' My take on these three guys is that they do not care for each other;maybe I am wrong. I do know this: Eric hates the Yardbirds. Jeff thinks they hampered his career and claims he would rather die than play I'm A Man again.Jimmy only talks about Led Zep and rarely mentions his involvement in the group. Sad to me but long live the Yardbirds having a Rave Up anyway!!!!!!
Tkmetz, I spent New Year's Eve 1979-1980 with the Dixie Dregs and Sea Level in the Fox Theatre in Atlanta. The Fox had a free champagne fountain. Quite a show from another Capricorn great artist! Charlie.
Beatles(none compare), Beach Boys(Brian W. musical genius),Pink Floyd(creativity with no boundries), Steely Dan (Fagan always brilliant),Doors(Robbie needs more credit),Elton John(worth another listen),Peter Frampton(too bad just 1 great album),Sting(great song writer),Men at Work(2 GREAT albums),Julian Lennon(surprised?),Three Dog Night(did write anything, but good producers)
Thanks for the info, Bencambell. Doing one's old stuffs is nothing unusual like Blackmore doing Deep Purple songs with Rainbow or Clapton digging Cream, Blind Faith, or Derek and Dominoes stuffs. The same goes with cover tunes. But, taking credit for the songs they did not write (as long as main themes are intact) is an act of robbing, materially or otherwise. I am a bit disappointed at Zep in terms of integrity though it may not diminish their achievement for other songs. It sounds that they were rather blatant going about it. What I do not understand is why the original songwriters did not do anything about it at the time. Perhaps, Britain had different laws. At any rate, thanks once agin for the info.
Cogito-I agree however to be fair what made Zep so great was the rate that they matured as songwriters and arrangers and the diversity of their material. They have left a stunning back catalogue
Mes - I'd really like to see Tragically Hip live. I haven't seen any sign of them touring in the last couple years, though with their recent release they may be out doing so now. Some of their stuff strikes me the same way as the Rainmakers - don't know if you're familiar with them because most of their CDs have to be ordered internationally, but I have seen them live to great satisfaction.
Kthomas-The Hip tour nearly incessantly, however it's usually not heavily advertised and at small venues-unless it's in Canada where they sell out stadiums. They've only just started to catch on in the US, although where I'm from in the Cleveland area, they're huge and I've been catching them yearly since 91. Lately, they've been here twice yearly. Check out www.thehip.com for info and concert schedules etc. They are truly one of the best and most entertaining shows on the road. Gordie lives in his own universe on stage, and the musicianship is impeccable. I think they're on hiatus presently, but an album should be forthcoming with the tour to ensue. Catch em if you can. Check the website out sometime. Mark
Kthomas, where do you live? I live in the Philadephia, PA area, and The Tragically Hip play here often. I have seen them open up for some pretty diverse company. Even Eric Johnson... Hopefully, you can find them close to you.
Bob Dylan, Quicksilver Messenger Service, Cream, Beatles, Hendrix, Small Faces, Grateful Dead, The Band, The Doors, Velvet Underground and Dylan again.