1950's and Early 60's recorded solo piano recordin

I have quite a few CD's from Bill Evans, Brubeck, Guaraldi etc. Any good solo recordings from this era stereo or mono?
Thelonious Monk; Thelonious Himself (Riverside 1957), Thelonious Alone in San Fransisco (Riverside 1959), Solo Monk (Colombia 1964).

Three of my favorite jazz piano recordings.
Thanks, I have a couple of TM releases I really like, I will check those out. I really like the Mingus tracks on the his piano LP as well. Very expressive. I have heard many fine recordings from later periods, but it seems that, especially eighties and 90s, piano recordings started sounding too bright, maybe more "new age" sounding. I like the dark, haunting sound of especially early European recorded performances
Try to listen Phineas Newborn jr,he is one of the greatest ever,but due to his personal problems did not achive fame and popularity he deserved