192/24 dvd audio releases?

Does anyone know of a comprehensive list of dvd audio disks in the 192k/24 bit format? Pickings are slim, and its frustrating going through the bin title by title looking for info, if it's even there at all.

On a related note, I've noticed some classical releases on a label named Hodie. Anyone had any experience with these?
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Try www.elusivedisc.com or www.acousticsounds.com. You will have much better luck through mail order catalogs or on line sites than through retail chains. I must admit that I have not seen too many 24/192 either but these sites have plenty of DSD SACDs, 24/96, DVD Audio and XRCD 'redbook' titles to choose from and are very reliable and reasonable. I also enjoy using Red Trumpet for SACDs and mini lp CD titles. Best of luck !
I contacted Classic Records, who said they would
be releasing five 192/24 recording by the end the